Chevy Chevelle & Malibu (1969)

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The Chevelle — also known as the Malibu (originally the name of a Chevelle trim level) — was one of Chevrolet’s most successful nameplates, enjoying a production run from 1964 through 1977. The 1969 model represented the second generation of this popular midsize car, and there was truly a version for everyone — from the thrifty 230ci in-line six cylinder out through the legendary fire-breathing 454ci big-block V8. Still popular with the muscle car crowd today, the Chevelle remains a favorite collector car for gearheads everywhere. – AJW

There’s a fine line between pure sport and pure luxury. It’s called Chevelle.

Out-and-out sports cars are often thought to be exciting but undisciplined.

On the other hand, luxury automobiles sometimes earn the undeserved reputation of being sluggish and unresponsive.

Is it possible to combine the best of these extremes, while completely eliminating the negatives? Happily, yes.

Chevelle can offer the stimulation of a 396-cubic-inch V8 together with the serenity of a full coil ride on computer selected springs. And family-size roominess with needle-sharp handling. And a surprisingly rich look with a price that’s not too rich for your blood. Beginning to get the idea?

A visit to your Chevrolet dealer’s will make Chevelle all the more appealing. Put your sales resistance to the test.


Chevelles appeal to two age groups. Under 30. And over.

One reason Chevelles move so many different people is that there are so many different Chevelles to move.

You could buy a Garnet Red SS 396 Sport Coupe with domed hood, power disc brakes, sport wheels, beefed-up suspension and a whole lot more.

Or you could have a nice modest Tuxedo Black 300 Deluxe Sedan with a frugal 140-hp Six and few if any extras.

Chevelles are different, all right. From each other. And from other mid-size cars. No other mid-size car handles quite this nimble, rides quite this quiet, or looks (in our humble opinion) quite this great. No other mid-size car has an anti-theft locking system, Full Coil suspension with computer selected springs, flush-and-dry rocker panels, inner fenders, and an acrylic lacquer finish. At least not at our price.

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Chevelle, the most popular mid-size car there is.

The one with friends on both sides of the generation gap.



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