See what train travel in the 1950s was like during railroad’s golden age

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See what train travel in the 1950s was like during railroad's golden age

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Vacation bound? Let Union Pacific help you (1956)

The photos on this page portray the various National Parks and other western vacation regions served by our railroad. We have beautifully illustrated booklets describing each of these picturesque areas. Just mail the coupon.

The restful, enjoyable way to reach these vacation-lands is on one of our smartly appointed Domeliners or Streamliners. You’ll relax all the way. So, when you go, ask to be routed on Union Pacific.

Vacation bound Let Union Pacific help you - National parks (1956)

How Union Pacific’s Family Travel Plan gives you luxurious, restful travel at small cost (1956)

Now you and your family can enjoy the finest in rail travel — all its comforts and conveniences — at a remarkably big saving. Now there’s no need to drive your car for economy’s sake. No need to fight traffic, to worry about where to stay overnight.

Briefly, here’s the family plan. Only one parent pays full rail fare. Others in the family group pay one-half or one-quarter fare depending on age. Children under five years ride free… This money-saving plan applies on all Union Pacific Domeliners and Streamliners serving the scenic West.

For a relaxing vacation for all the family, go by rail — by Union Pacific. On arrival, you can rent a car for sightseeing. Ask your ticket or travel agent for full information.

Union Pacific's Family Travel Plan gives you luxurious, restful travel (1956)

Union Pacific railroad travel (1956)

On your vacation, take the children on the money-saving family travel plan

Union Pacific covers a number of western vacation regions. Among them are Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks — Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon National Parks – California and Pacific Northwest – Colorado mountain parks – Sun Valley, Idaho

A visit to any one will be an educational treat for the youngsters… an enjoyable experience for parents. And you can go in complete comfort on a Union Pacific Domeliner or Streamliner.

Union Pacific railroad travel (1956)

To and from the Pacific coast – Go deluxe on Union Pacific Domeliners


Vintage Pullman trains for family travel (1955)

One of the good things of life any American family can enjoy

A thrilling adventure for youngsters, a restful treat for mother and dad. No other form of travel is so safe, so sure, so comfortable.

Have you been on a Pullman lately? Do you know the feeling of restful peace and quiet that comes to you — the moment you step aboard?

Have you seen what modern design has done to make every minute of your trip one of pure enjoyment? Come aboard this modern miracle of safe, secure travel. Leave all your cares behind.

Here in the privacy and cleanliness of your own accommodations, you’ll really live while traveling. Here is service that equals that of the finest hotels. Tempting foods in appetizing variety, served hot from spotless rolling kitchens. Cooked to a turn by expert chefs.

Here is complete relief from nervous tension, complete freedom from highway traffic hazards and weather worries. Here is air-conditioned comfort, adjustable to your own desires.

And here is speed with safety. For Pullman is the fastest form of land travel — with no mile-wasting stops for eating and sleeping.

Nowhere in the world, will you find travel so suited to the needs and wishes of the American family. Nowhere, such a complete combination of comforts and services to make you all feel at home.

This year, when you plan your vacation, let your Pullman Ticket Agent tell you how little it costs to enjoy this family way of safe travel. Let him show you why Pullman travel is truly one of the good things of life every American family should enjoy.

HERE’S MEAL-MAGIC! Delicious food of your own selection, served hot, freshly-cooked in the friendly, inviting “dining room” of your train!

SLEEP COMES EASY in these man-size Pullman beds! Every attention at the push of a button. Forget highways, traffic, weather.

Vintage Pullman trains for family travel (1955)

Roof garden dining


Here it is! The first and only dining dome car between Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland


AND NOW THIS: See the luxurious old Deluxe Overland Limited trains, and what they looked like inside

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