I want to ride my tricycle: 17 Vintage trike snapshots

Over the years and across the miles, tricycle riding we go! Check out this cute collection of vintage snapshots of kids and their beloved three-wheelers.

Roger on tricycle (1941)

“I am on my tricycle in front of our home at 531 N. Rockford Avenue, in Rockford, Illinois. My father probably took this photo around August 1941, when I was five years old. My brothers (twins) had been born in June. I had been sent off to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin while they were born. I figure that my cousins Pearl and Punk, who rented my grandfather’s farm, gave me this expired license plate. I must have been proud of it.”


Photo (and story) thanks to  roger4336!


Terry on his tricycle

On reverse: To Coinne – Terry P Campbell, 2-1/2 yrs old to the day

On Reverse:To CoinneTerry P Campbell2 1/2 yrs old to the day

Photo thanks to anyjazz65


Vickie & Nick riding around Seattle

Pictures from around 1947-1948




Learning to ride a tricycle (1928)

On the reverse of this picture: “Dec 30, 1928 / 2 yrs, 3 mos, 9 days.”

Boy on a tricycle

Photo thanks to anyjazz65


Mark on a tricycle


Photo thanks to Quinn Dombrowski


Twin girls on trikes

This snapshot dates from about 1940, and was taken in Petersburg or Wrangell, Alaska.


Photo thanks to Tom Brandt


John’s outstanding on his trike


Photo thanks to Akuppa John Wigham


Tony’s little red tricycle


Photo thanks to Daniel M. Hendricks


Late '70s fashion: Women's shoes from the 1979 Sears catalog

Learning to ride in Florida

Sometime in the 1940s or 1950s



In the nursery school yard

San Mateo, California – 1963


Photo thanks to Pip R. Lagenta


Antique photograph: Tricycle with a passenger


Photo thanks to Elaine


Tricycle with wooden blocks on the pedals!


Photo thanks to Weibel Kids


A shiny new trike for Christmas!

Vintage Christmastime in Hawaii


The Happy Cynic


Baby on a tricycle

Her feet can’t yet reach the pedals!


Photo thanks to anyjazz65


Boys with a tent and a tricycle


Photo thanks to anyjazz65


Nancy takes off down the driveway

Santa Rosa, California – around 1974


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