See 17 vintage motorcycles from 1909, plus the ’09 LA Motorcycle Club meetup

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club meetup back in 1909 (5)

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17 vintage motorcycles from 1909

NSU 1909 vintage motorcycles

The Excelsior Auto-Cycle from 1909

A Few of the Many Points Wherein THE EXCELSIOR EXCELS

A powerful, silent, vibrationless motor that is big enough for the job and does not wear itself out by excessive speed to meet the overload.

A straight-line frame that is built on scientific lines, with every point of stress properly reinforced, not merely a collection of tubing bent to dodge the motor and accessories and heavy enough to hold up by main strength and awkwardness.

A low, comfortable saddle position that lowers the center of gravity, eliminates skidding and makes the Excelsior Auto-Cycle the touring car of motor cycles.

A shock-absorbing front fork that acts along the line of impact, that overcomes all road irregularities without jolt or jar.

A lubricating system that places an abundant quantity of oil where it is needed and keeps it there and not on the outside of the machine or the rider.

An accessible machine, in which all parts may be reached with the least possible interference with any other part, and the wheels removed without interference with mud guards or other accessories.

Independent belt and chain adjustment, whereby both belt and chain may be kept at proper tension. Low saddle position and free motor, enabling the rider to stop at will without stopping the motor, rest comfortably in the saddle with both feet on the ground, and proceed by merely advancing the tension lever and replacing the feet upon the pedals.

A machine that is sold at a fixed and invariable price by established dealers only, thereby protecting the buyer from depreciation in value through price-cutting by overstocked dealers or curbstone brokers.

A machine that is backed by the financial strength. factory facilities and sterling reputation of a company that has been in business since 1876.

Excelsior Excels Auto-Cycles from 1909

1909 Royal Pioneer motorcycle

“Lives there the man” who does not believe the motorcycle of the future will be capable of from fifty to sixty miles per hour — forty up hill?

We doubt it. Will the live man ever want betteries? No. But he will want a Bosch Magneto, a valve-in-head motor, a Hess-Bright ball bearing motor, a mechanically-operated-valve motor, a Silent machine with Watawata V Belt, a frame to take 26-inch or 28-inch wheels, separate brass tonics for oil and gasoline, adjustable crank hanger, pneumatic fork and ideal equipment, such as is found in the Royal Pioneer of today.

1909 Royal Pioneer vintage motorcycles

Classic 1909 NSU Motorenwerke AG motorcycles

1909 NSU Motorenwerke AG motorcycles (4)

1909 NSU Motorenwerke AG motorcycles (3)

1909 NSU Motorenwerke AG motorcycles (2)

1909 NSU Motorenwerke AG motorcycles (1)

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Vintage 1909 Indian motorcycles

1909 Indian vintage motorcycles

Old-school Curtiss motorcycles from 1909

1909 Curtiss motorcycles (4)

1909 Curtiss motorcycles (3)

1909 Curtiss motorcycles (2)

1909 Curtiss motorcycles (1)

Motorcycle Illustrated – 1909 Greyhound

Motorcycle Illustrated 1909 Greyhound

Why people used to really love those iconic high-wheel penny-farthing bicycles

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club: Motorcyclists invited to spend day at beach

Club members will ride down and enjoy outing… Program prepared

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club meetup back in 1909 (1)
Panoramic photograph: Vintage motorcycles at Venice, California; by West Coast Art Co.

Next Sunday will be known as “motorcycle day” at Venice, the members of the Los Angeles Motorcycle Club having made arrangements for an all-day outing on that date. The members of the club will leave their Los Angeles club house at o’clock in the morning and are scheduled to arrive at the beach at about 10 o’clock.

After a bath in the plunge and a dinner at the Ship hotel an extensive program of sports will take place in the Midway. Dashes for men and women, potato races, sack races, boat races and motorcycle races will constitute the program. A dance will be given for the visitors in the evening.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club meetup back in 1909 (4)

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club meetup back in 1909 (3)

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club meetup back in 1909 (5)

Los Angeles Motorcycle Club banner

The Largest in the World

Vintage Los Angeles Motorcycle Club meetup back in 1909 (2)

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