20 classic salad dressing recipes (1901)

20 classic salad dressing recipes (1901)

The following 20 salad dressings and sauces are, without exception, easily made, and of such variety that it is possible to have a desirable change with nearly every salad made.

The secret of a beautiful neck (1918)

In her heart of hearts, any woman would rather have a beautiful neck than anything else in the world except, perhaps, a beautiful face, said soprano and actress Lina Cavalieri.
Man with feather dusters

Help with cleaning the home: House dust (1911)

During the summer, with doors and windows wide open, the house is comparatively easy to keep clean; but no sooner does the closing up season arrive than the housewife has to begin and wage constantly a battle with house dirt.
Boys with fireworks for 4th of July - Vintage postcard

Toys for a safe and sane fourth of July (1912)

Now that firecrackers, caps and gunpowder are no longer in fashion for fourth of July celebrations, it is rather difficult sometimes to think of ways in which we will be allowed to do honor to the greatest of our legal holidays.

An argument for the chauffeur (1918)

One chauffeured automobile accomplishes as much as two or three which are driven without chauffeurs. The chauffeur instantly becomes an economy - not merely a justifiable expense.
The Sinking of the Titanic – Drawn by Henry Reuterdahl

Titanic under tow after hitting huge iceberg (1912)

As we all know, reports that the Titanic was being towed to shore were little more than wishful thinking -- and the product of a very rushed newsroom with looming deadlines but very little solid information.

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