WWI food rationing posters (1917-1919)

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Your sugar ration is 2 lbs. per month (1917)

We must confine our consumption of Sugar to not more than 2 lbs. per person per month in order to provide a restricted ration to England, France and Italy. This store is pledged to conform to the sugar regulations of the US Food Administration.



Save food (1917)

1. Wheat – use more corn 2. Meat – use more fish and beans 3. Fats – use just enough 4. Sugar – use syrups.



Bread: “Save a loaf a week – help win the war” (1918)

Save a loaf a week - help win the war-1917


Food – don’t waste it (1917)

1: Use less wheat and meat, 2: Buy local foods, 3: Serve just enough, 4: Use what is left.


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Eat more fish

Save the products of the land. Eat more fish – they feed themselves

1917-Save the products of the land-Eat more fish


Using sugar

1. None on fruits; 2. none in desserts; 3. Less on cereals; 4. less in coffee and tea; 5. Less in preserving; 6. Less cake & candy; 7. Use other sweeteners.

1918-Sugar-save it

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