Old office telephone systems like these were big business back in the 1960s

Old office telephone systems big business 1960s

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Even back when telephones had rotary dials, advances were being made in creating business phone technology that worked like mini-switchboards.

See some of these old office telephone systems — complete with big buttons and side handsets — here!

Old office telephone systems: Call Director system (1960)

What can the new Call Director telephone do for your business?

You may find the answer in these typical statements from enthusiastic Call Director users …

George W. Bailey, Vice-President, Chapman Drug Company, Knoxville, Tennessee: “We are delighted with the many advantages the Call Director gives as over our previous telephone system.

“This small, space-saving unit does what several pieces of equipment did before. We can now pick up 12 incoming and outgoing lines, plus a new intercom line, at each of our 31 Call Director locations. Function-ally, this equipment certainly lives up to its name —and it’s smart-looking, too.”

Learn how the Call Director telephone with Bell System intercom can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Just call your Bell Telephone business office, and a representative will visit you at your convenience. No obligation, of course. BELL TELEPHONE SYSTEM

Available in 18-button and 30-button models — in gray, green or beige, with contrasting face plates.

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Bell Telephone office Call Director system (1960)

Which phone is right for your business? (1965)

Bell System: American Telephone & Telegraph and Associated Companies

Which phone is right for your business (1965)

How do you use a rotary-dial phone? See what they were like, plus get top telephone tips from the olden days

Buttons, buttons… who’s got the buttons? (1966)

The Bell System has pushbuttons that can turn your telephone into a versatile intercommunicating system at the touch of a forefinger.

Vintage office telephone close-up of clear buttons for extensions from 1966

You have everything to gain from a talk with this man (1965)

He’s a Bell Telephone Communications Consultant. His specialty is solving problems for businesses like yours.

He does it by determining how many of your business problems are actually communications problems. A lot of them most certainly will be. Communicating — internally and externally, by voice and in writing — is an important factor in practically every business activity.

The first move is yours. Invite him to make his study of your business. It will cost you nothing — and you’ll have everything to gain from it. Make that move soon. Just call your Bell Telephone Business Office and ask for the services of a Communications Consultant.

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Bell Telephone Communications Consultant for business 1966 (2)

Bell Telephone Communications Consultant for business 1966 (1)

One reason you can phone your payrolls perfectly…

… is that Western Electric is part of the Bell System

Western Electric - phone your payrolls perfectly 1966

The Electronic Secretary telephone answering set

Here’s a old-fashioned office telephone answering machine from the 1960s

Vintage office telephone answering machine from the 1960s

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