Walls with a fashion future! Vintage wallpaper samples from 1940

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These wallpaper samples come straight from the forties — the glory days just before WWII, when wallpaper was all the rage. The 72 examples shown below all come from the Sears “Color Perfect” wallpaper catalog published in 1940. The styles run the gamut — from quaint and whimsical, to elegant and classic, to the heavy and ornamental papers that went out of fashion decades ago.

Still, these little wallpaper samples give us a fascinating little look into the past of what our American family members looked for in home decor… and, in turn, what they looked at on their own walls every day.

Large-scale patterns of exceptional beauty

… in harmonizing colors and designs from which you may select papers for your whole house… and so lovely, your friends will exclaim, “Where did you find that beautiful wallpaper?”

All are washable, sunfast quality, illustrated here to show you more of the design.

Papers with a special air — for special rooms

Let your imagination go in the rooms you’d like to make different — a child’s room, den, breakfast nook or kitchen, your own room — it’s half the fun of homemaking. You can give them just the air you want — gay, witty, informal, sentimental and thoroughly enjoyable — with the bright colors and pert, appropriate motifs of Color-Perfect wallpapers.

Amazing values in wallpaper!

Wallpaper is a great value for your home. Every pattern is printed on standard quality 9-oz. paper stock with fadeproof colors . . . every roll semi-trimmed! Priced as low as 5c a single roll, but comparable in value to papers selling up to 30c!

To you, this means good decoration at sound savings … it means decoration that will not fade for years … it means that the Color-Perfect wallpaper you have chosen has been rigidly tested to meet the highest standards of quality established by the wallpaper industry. For washable quality papers, see the Budget and Decorator groups.

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72 vintage wallpaper samples

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