Remember flower-shaped bathtub stickers? See Rubbermaid non-slip tub appliques from the ’60s & ’70s

Flower stickers for the bathroom tub - Overload

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Do you remember these flower-shaped bathtub stickers? It seems like all the parents in the late 60s & early 70s had these colorful non-stick Rubbermaid appliques on their tub.

Rubbermaid bathroom appliques: The vintage flower-shaped bathtub stickers

They help make your bathtub a safer place

When you use Rubbermaid Bathtub Appliques, you don’t have to worry so much about a slippery, wet tub. They come in all sorts of pretty shapes and lots of different colors. A nice way to add a decorative, protective touch to your bathroom.

Rubbermaid bathtub appliques The vintage flower no-slip tub stickers 1972

Rubbermaid flower-shaped bathtub stickers from 1969

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Decorative retro bathtub appliques in Flower Power (1969)

Full tub coverage… for safer footing – Easy to apply

Vintage flower shaped bathtub stickers

Vintage bathtub stickers - Rubbermaid appliques

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Rubbermaid bath accessories and flower-shaped bathtub stickers (1973)

Rubbermaid Bath Accessories. So you can enjoy your bathroom as much as your bath.

There are Bathtub Appliqués in all sorts of pretty shapes and colors to make your bath a safer place. Bathtub Mats, too.

A Bath and Shower Caddy for those necessaries like bath oil, shampoo, washcloths and so on. A Personal Care Center so toiletries can be kept together. And even a toilet bowl brush in a pretty disguise. So, have a nice bath.

Rubbermaid bath accessories and flower-shaped bathtub stickers (1973)



Retro flower-shaped bathtub stickers: About and instructions for use (1974)

How to apply Rubbermaid bathtub appliques

Rubbermaid bathtub appliques add a new touch of color to your bath or shower. Shown below are a few suggested arrangements. They need no special care. Normal cleaning of your tub will keep them fresh and new-looking.

Rubbermaid bathtub appliques

Vintage package of Rubbermaid flower-shaped bathtub stickers in harvest gold

Flower-shaped no-slip bathtub decals - Rubbermaid appliques (1969-1974)

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Old-fashioned colorful stickers to make the bathtub non-slip

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  1. I had totally forgotten about these! We had these and not only were they functional; they were so “cool”.

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