Do you remember Stouffer’s ice cream? We didn’t either, but it was a thing in the ’70s

Vintage Stouffer's ice cream from the 1970s

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Do you remember Stouffer’s ice cream? We didn’t either, but it was a thing in the ’70s

Since they were already a well-known freezer brand, the company tried to expand outside the TV dinner/frozen meal market back in the mid-seventies.

The sixteen flavors of old Stouffer’s ice cream had a 10-month trial in the New York area, starting in 1974.

Judging by the fact it’s not around today — and that most people we asked never heard of the brand’s take on ice cream — it seems that the product never made it into supermarkets nationwide.

Introducing Stouffer’s ice cream (1974)

Stouffer’s wouldn’t introduce an ice cream unless it was the very best

When you have a fifty-year-old reputation for quality, you’re pretty careful to protect it. And that means any product with your name on it has got to be the very finest.

Stouffer’s ice cream is. Matter of fact, if you’re just plain nutty about ice cream, this is the one you’ve been waiting for all your life.

The rich one. The one that feels like cool velvet on your tongue. The full-bodied one. Not puffed up with air like ordinary ice cream. The one with flavors of things that you’ve loved since you were a kid. Apple a la Mode. Mountain Blueberry. Cherry Tart. Sixteen delicious flavors in all.

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The natural one. With flavor that was born and not made. How do you know? Because this is the first, the only ice cream with the famous Stouffer name. And that name has stood for quality . . . that name has been another word for “delicious” for more than half a century.

When you see Stouffer’s in the ice cream section of your food store, remember: We make ice cream the same way we make entrees and baked goods: As if our reputation depended on it. Because it does. Just a little more Stouffer’s to love. (May 27, 1974)

Do you remember Stouffer's ice cream

Stouffer’s. For people who missed homemade ice cream the first time around.

Time was when people who had a taste for ice cream had to make it themselves. It was a lot of trouble. Took a lot of muscle, too. But, after all, it was worth it. Gone are the days.

Today, there’s ice cream around every corner. Trouble is, ready-made ice cream got so common that it got to taste that way, too: Common.

But now there’s Stouffer’s. Made the way people used to make it for themselves. From an honest recipe that’s not filled with a lot of air, the way ordinary ice creams are, to make them seem like more than they are. Stouffer’s is made from heavy, sweet cream and plenty of it.

And natural things. Like sun-ripened fresh fruits and chewy nutmeats. And none of that artificial gunk. (Because you wouldn’t cook that way for your family, would you?) Well, neither does Stouffer’s.]

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If you missed homemade goodness the first time around … don’t miss it again. Get the ice cream that comes from a famous kitchen. The Stouffer’s kitchen. Believe us, you’ll taste the difference.

If this weren’t the richest, best-tasting ice cream that ever was, we wouldn’t call it Stouffer’s. And you’ll find it in the ice cream section of your food store. (June 24, 1974)

Stouffer's ice cream flavors from 1974 (1)

New Stouffer’s Apple a la Mode

Stouffer’s took the taste of homemade apple pie and turned it into ice cream. And that was just the beginning.

Way back over half a century ago when Stouffer’s was just starting out, they baked and sold homemade apple pie. And look what that started. Well, now Stouffer’s is doing it again. But this time, with ice cream.

New Stouffer’s Apple a la Mode. With all the honest-to-apple goodness of fresh baked pie. Only in ice cream. Laced with Jonathan apples, sugar and cinnamon.

Then there’s Stouffer’s Mountain Blueberry. Cherry Tart. Coffee ‘n Cream. And the dreamy-creamiest vanilla you ever slipped a spoon into. Country Vanilla with a texture like ivory velvet.

Plus Strawberries ‘n Cream, Just Chocolate, Dixie Butter Pecan, Double Dark Chocolate, Jumbo Chocolate Chip, Cool Mint Chip, Chocolate Almondine, Butter Cashew. And sherbets, too. Sunshine Orange, South Seas and Daiquiri.

So you see, Stouffer’s doesn’t make the most flavors of ice cream. Just the best. Mainly because that’s the only way Stouffer’s knows how to make anything. Whether it’s entrees. Or baked goods. Or ice cream.

We use only the most expensive, richest and purest natural things in our ice cream. No gimmicks. Just the most honestly mouthwatering flavors you ever tasted.

And you get more taste to the pint. Because we don’t puff up our ice cream with air the way most of the others do. Everybody talks about quality. But here’s your chance to taste it. Pick up Stouffer’s in the ice cream section of your food store.

Stouffer’s. One dessert that’s as wholesome as … apple pie. Just a little more Stouffer’s to love. (July 1, 1974)

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Stouffer's ice cream flavors from 1974 (2)

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