Remember Toastettes toaster pastries, Nabisco’s version of Pop-Tarts?

Fruit-filled Toastettes pop-ups toaster pastries from the 1960s

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Kellogg’s came out with Pop-Tarts in 1964, and kids across the land adored those sweet little toaster pastries.

Not to be a company to miss out on a trend, in the late ’60s, Nabisco debuted their spin on the tarts — Toastettes — describing these sugar & fruit-filled breakfast treats as pop-ups. 

Take a look back here at these long-gone pastries that so many people have still not forgotten.

New Toastettes. The only toaster pastry with Nabisco quality baked-in. (1968)

A baker is very careful before he puts his name on a piece of pastry. That’s why Nabisco has to have the ripest, juiciest apples… the plumpest blueberries… the shiniest cherries… the sweetest strawberries.

And it has to be our finest flaky crust. The first toaster pastry that actually tastes as good as you hoped it would. Or our name wouldn’t be on it.

Toastettes. By Nabisco.

Blueberry Toastettes toaster pastries (1968)

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Introducing a brilliant new idea — Sparkling Toastettes from Nabisco. (1960s)

What an idea! Top Toastettes with a glimmery new glaze. A little bit of sparkling sugar that makes a big difference. Makes the crust taste crustier. Crisper. And a little bit sweeter, too.

That’s on top of everything you loved about Toastettes before. The homemade goodness of the plump, sweet fruit fillings. Strawberry. Cherry. Apple. Blueberry. And the spicy Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Not to mention the lightest, flakiest pastry crust around.

Toastettes. A pastry only a baker could bake. With a just-right recipe, and a touch of sparkling sugar on top. (Which makes Toastettes the only toaster pastry you don’t have to toast to love.)

New Sparkling Toastettes from Nabisco. Brilliant.

Vintage Nabisco Toastettes from the late 1960s (2)

Vintage Nabisco Toastettes from the late 1960s (1)

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Nabisco announces Sparkling Toastettes (1968)

New Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toastettes. With a  shimmery new glaze on top. A little touch of sugar that makes a big difference. Makes the crust taste crustier. Crunchier. And a little bit sweeter, too.

And this beautiful new topping tops a beautiful new flavor: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toastettes. (All sugar and spice and nice inside. All flaky and crisp and sparkly outside.)

The taste of homemade pastry only a baker could bake. Baked with Nabisco quality with a touch of inspiration and a just-right recipe. And a sparkling glaze that makes Toastettes the one toaster pastry you don’t have to toast. (They’re that delicious right out of the box.)

Sparking Toastettes. Great anytime. They’re sure to set off some sparkling conversation. Even at the breakfast table.

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Nabisco sparkling brown sugar and cinnamon Toastettes (1968)

Toastettes flavors (1960s)

Featuring Brown sugar cinnamon, Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Cherry.

Vintage Toastettes flavors from 1968 (2)

Vintage Toastettes flavors from 1968 (1)

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Something luscious just popped up. (1960s)

New “Toastettes” from Nabisco.

At last — a pop-up that tastes as good as you always hoped a pop-up would taste. It took a real baker to do it. And Nabisco did it.

Flaky, tender pastry shells jammed to the four corners with luscious fruit. Juicy apple. Tangy blueberries. Plump cherries. The ripest strawberries.

Now — which delicious Toastette will you try first?  Toastettes — The Baker’s Pop-Up.

Toastettes pop-ups toaster pastries from the 1960s

Nabisco introduces Peaches and Oranges (1970)

In 2 new Toastettes — Orange marmalade and peach flavor. Sweet and juicy. And jam-packed inside a light, golden crust.

Toastettes’ eye-filling new package tells you the taste.

Peach and orange Toastettes (1970)

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17 Responses

  1. I don’t remember “Toastettes,” but I do remember “Danish Go-Rounds,” another Kellogg’s product. The filling was similar to what you get in “Pop-Tarts,” but the pastry was lighter (it was in a swirl shape) and as a kid in the ’70s I liked them a lot more than “Pop-Tarts.” But of course, they are no longer. Nor are “Crispy Critters” or “Alpha Bits”….sigh….

  2. I do remember Nabisco Toastettes! These were superior to Pop Tarts which tasted like stale flat flour and “jelly” sparsely spreaded in the middle.

    Toastettes were moist, full of filling, flavorful and fresh, every box. What happened to them and what is the closest product on the mdarket today ? (I cannot stand pop tarts)

    1. Exactly. Now every time I buy a Pop Tart I regret the purchase. I try to find off brand that hopefully get close to Nabisco. No luck yet.

  3. I want the apple toastettes back…I loved my toastettes…no one compares & poptarts r nasty…I love my oldie but goodie(the best) Apple Toastettes

    1. You can’t….Nabisco stopped making them many years ago. People preferred Kellogs Pop Tarts.

  4. I remember Toastettes…and I remember liking them far FAR better than Pop-Tarts! They were absolutely delicious. The apple was my favorite.

    1. I remember the orange marmalade Toastette and was so disappointed when they quit making that, and then all of the Toastettes went away. I guess the market just wouldn’t support them against Pop Tarts.(There’s no accounting for taste.) I would love it if Nabisco could bring these back.

  5. My mom always bought toastettes. They were much better than pop tarts. I wish they still made them.

  6. Nabisco, please do a 70th Anniversary special for toastettes! Just for a quarter of a year at least. A few commercials to announce/promote their return and you will make millions or billions. It’s time. The baby-boomers and millennials will love you for it!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I loved Toastettes when I was a kid. My Mom always bought the Toastettes instead of Pop Tarts. Toastettes where superior to Pop Tarts in every way. I don’t understand why they ever stopped making them.

  8. After watching the most recent Sunday Morning episode featuring Jerry Seinfelds new movie about Poptarts I’ve gone down a rabbit hole trying to remember the name of the best toaster pastries from my childhood in the 80’s. Thank goodness for this thread because they most definitely are Toastettes. I had forgotten all about them until now and it was funny how specific my memory was about the look of the pastry, with its very distinct edges and crunchy sugar top. Boy I sure wish they still made those! The best!!

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