Creative Christmas gifts ideas for the mid-century home, as suggested in 1964

For a merry vintage Christmas Creative holiday gifts for the mid-century home, from 1964

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Creative holiday gifts for the home: Give something out of this world (1964)

On the launching pad and ready to go in Santa’s space capsule are a collection of A-OK gifts for the home.

Since much of the fun and joy of Christmas lies in deciding what the perfect gift for a home should be, we’ve come up with a new idea: the “package” gift.

By that, we mean a group of related or correlated gifts that in the giving add up to one magnificent gesture on your part. We’ve also included some single gifts mainly because they are too beautiful in themselves to be overlooked.

Creative vintage Christmas gifts for the home (1964)

We start off with our Christmas gift package idea:

(1) Bathroom ensemble for the new homeowner. The old-fashioned washbowl and pitcher with matching soap dish and toothbrush holder (not shown) are accessorized with a good-looking shower head, soap, and towels in coordinated colors.

(2) Fireplace package from the family to the family includes a handsome antiqued wood mantel and…

(3) …fire screen, plus…

(4) …andirons and white birch logs.

(5) Very ornamental, this barometer. Usually, barometers are gifts for men. Why not make a woman happy with one so she’ll know how to dress in the morning?

(6) Mirrors are magic any way you look at them. Large or small (see 19) they add visual space, color, and life to a room.

(7) Tray package: a great idea because nobody ever has enough of them, this one in plastic. (Add to the collection with 12.)

(8) Pamper package: Fake fur baby pillows team up with bolsters and reversible fur and red flannel chaise throw (not shown).

(9) Wine lover’s bottle basket contains an all-purpose wine glass (give at least a dozen) and bottles of rose – an all-purpose wine.

(10) For the kitchen, a group of emerald green glass jars to hold staples while a pretty file stores favorite recipes.

(11) Area rug of felt fringe done in exciting colors.

(12) Lacquered trays come in six colors and three sizes-the large size shown. You might add to the collection with silver, wicker, or wood.

For a merry vintage Christmas: Creative gifts for the mid-century home, from 1964

(13) Wastebasket package – a whole houseful of them – is geared to this brass scuttle for the living room. (See also 17 and 20.)

(14) An automatic pencil sharpener could be packaged with a fistful of pencils.

(15) Rosewood lighter is handsome alone or with an ashtray that’s equally attractive.

(16) Copy of a Swiss grain sack has many uses in many places.

(17) Painted bucket makes a fine wastebasket for a child’s room.

(18) Small, brightly decorated chests for kitchen, family room, or desk.

(19) Unusual octagonal gilt mirror.

(20) Paisley print wastebasket for bedroom or bath.

(21) Modern desk clock has a happy face.

(22) Tiny lamps are much in fashion this season.

(23) Sewing package: a bright basket becomes even more useful with a pair of pretty pincushions.

(24) Model of a Mercury Space capsule is not for sale!

A mid-century modern home design & decor for a hip young family (1965)

For a merry vintage Christmas: Creative gifts for the mid-century home, from 1964

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