Vintage recipe weights and measure cooking conversions

While you can use modern measuring spoons and cups, here are some vintage recipe measurement equivalents in the terms of the era — but note that not necessarily all conversions will represent today’s equivalents:

One saltspoon equals a quarter teaspoon

Two gills equals one cup

One wineglass equals one half gill

Sixty drops make a tablespoon

Three teaspoons equals one tablespoon

Eight rounded tablespoons of dry material equals one cupful

Metal measuring spooons - teaspoons and tablespoonsSixteen tablespoons of liquid equals one cupful

One cup of liquid is half a pint

One heaping tablespoon sugar is one ounce

One heaping tablespoon butter is two ounces

One cup butter or sugar is half a pound

Two cups of flour is a pound

One cup of rice is half a pound

One cup of Indian meal is six ounces

One cup bread crumbs is two ounces

One pint of ordinary liquid is one pound

Three teaspoons equals one tablespoon

Two tablespoons butter is one ounce

Two tablespoons granulated sugar is one ounce

Four cups sifted pastry flour is one pound

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Source publication: The Honolulu Times, November 01, 1910;and The San Francisco Call, May 12, 1912

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