See vintage Fisher-Price Little People play sets & remember how much fun we had in the good ol’ days (1965 to today)

Vintage Fisher Price LIttle People play sets

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Vintage Fisher-Price Little People toys began their journey in the 1950s with innovative designs that captured children’s imaginations.

Throughout that decade and into the 60s, the body style evolved, transitioning from wooden to plastic figures, with various configurations finally culminating, in the late-1960s into the iconic Fisher-Price Play Family — featuring the cylindrical bodies and round heads that we have come to know and love.

The little Play Family dolls were made of hardwood with plastic heads and accessories (like the hats and the girls’ ruffled collars below). Their design was simple yet inspiring, providing the canvas for young minds to craft their stories and adventures.

Through the ’70s and ’80s, the Fisher-Price Play Family expanded, adding more characters and buildings, from houses to farms, planes to buses — as well as Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds and even a charming castle. Materials shifted from a combination of wood and plastic to all-plastic models, while maintaining their engaging appeal.

The name “Little People” was officially trademarked in 1985, and the vintage Fisher-Price Little People brand has done nothing but thrive ever since.

Safety changes arrived in the 1990s, leading to a redesign that made the Little People more substantial in size. This transition marked the end of the classic design era, sparking a thriving market for vintage collectors.

Far from mere childhood relics, these vintage toys have found a place in the hearts of collectors and families alike. Some sets have become popular auction items, while others remain packed away as family heirlooms.

In a notable tribute to their cultural significance, the Fisher-Price Little People were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2016.

Today, vintage Fisher-Price Little People toys continue to stand as a reminder of a time when simplicity was the key to creativity. Their enduring appeal transcends generations, reminding us of the universal joy of play. Here, take a trip back in time to see these classic toys once again!

Vintage Fisher Price Play Family dolls from 1966

Welcome to the Fisher-Price Play Family Village (1972)

Action garage, Farm house, Bath/Utility room set, Kitchen set, Patio set, School, Fun Jet, Mini-snowmobile, Musical Ferris wheel, Merry-go-Round, Fire engine.

Airport with jet, Play Family people, School bus, Mini-bus, Houseboat. All sold separately in individual sets. 

Fisher Price Little People play sets from 1972 (2)

Fisher Price Little People play sets from 1972 (1)

Fisher-Price Toys don’t need batteries (1971)

The run the old-fashioned way. On child power. The strength of young imaginations. The endless energy of small bodies. The push and pull of a child’s curiosity on the way to learning something new.

Because Fisher-Price believes there’s too much push-button entertainment today. And once you’ve pressed a button, what else is there to do, Mommy?

Even our new Music Box Record Player is a toy of involvement. Not only doesn’t it need batteries (it winds up), it doesn’t even need a Mommy to supervise.

Our Play Family Toys, including a brand new Schoolhouse, give children the chance to run things their own way, on their own steam.

That’s another great thing about child power. When it’s exhausted, it goes to bed for the night. And wakes up — recharged.

Fisher-Price Toys don't need batteries (1971)

Fisher-Price launches the Play Family Houseboat (1972)

(And goes completely overboard!)

Retractable springy diving board. 2 deck lounges. Tilt-up sun deck becomes carrying handle. Ashore, becomes a wheeled pulltoy. Table, 2 chairs and barbecue grill. Speedboat secure to davit or ties to stern.

5 Play Family passengers. 2 life preservers. All parts floatable and waterproof. When pulled on land, captain looks port and starboard, helm wheel turns, makes putt-putt sound.

Fisher Price Play Family - Little People houseboat vintage ad from 1972

Classic Fisher-Price Little People houseboat - 1972

New & classic Fisher-Price preschool toys (1965)

Why Fisher-Price built the vintage Little People Play Family Castle (1974)

We believe every childhood needs at least one dragon, one knight in shining armor, a king and queen, a prince and princess, a brave woodsman, a royal coach, a secret passage, a trap door, a dungeon, a drawbridge and a moat.

And that’s how we came to build our Play Family Castle. A lovely place for once-upon-a-time to begin.

Why Fisher-Price built the vintage Little People Play Family Castle (1974)

Fisher-Price introduces The Play Family Sesame Street (1975)

Here comes that friendly and funny Sesame Street gang from television, transformed into Play Family people [Little People] so your children can make up their own giddy happenings.

There’s Bert and Ernie with their own apartment. Mr Hooper with his soda fountain and newsstand. Oscar the Grouch in his garbage can. Big Bird has his own big nest. And of course, Susan and Gordon and the Cookie Monster.

There’s even a chalkboard on the back of the alley wall when it’s alphabet time. And all the other play pieces you see here.

Then when it’s pick-up-your-toys time, everything stows inside the brownstones, which lock shut for the night. Until the next time the sun shines on Sesame Street.

Fisher-Price introduces The Play Family Sesame Street (1975)

Fisher-Price Play Family Lift & Load Depot (1977)

It’s the beginning of an exciting new kind of Play Family toy. Because we know that a preschooler’s happiest occupation is putting things into things, moving them, dumping them and loading them all over again.

That’s the job of our new Lift & Load Depot. There’s a crank-operated conveyor and a crane on a track to shuttle crates and oil drums up and down, and back and forth. From warehouse to loading station to trucks.

There’s a dump truck, scoop loader and forklift, each with a driver. And lots of cargo to move.

Start the wheels rolling at the Play Family Lift & Load Depot and they’ll be playing overtime.

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Fisher-Price Play Family Lift & Load Depot (1977)

Make way for the Fisher-Price Lift & Load Railroad

Make way for the Fisher-Price Lift & Load Railroad

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People Play Family Nursery School playset (1978)

The Fisher-Price Play Family Nursery School shows how much fun school can be.

This cheery school is just the right size for preschoolers. The roof comes off to reveal four bright rooms, then it turns over to become the playground for the slide, merry-go-round, and teeter-totter.

The bus arrives with the driver and four pupils while the teacher has the table and chairs all ready. When school is over, everything fits neatly inside to be carried away by children two to five years old. 

Fisher-Price Little People Play Family Nursery School set (1978)

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People toys Offshore Cargo Base play set (1979)

It’s always busy at the Fisher-Price Offshore Cargo Base.

Settled on the playroom floor, or adrift on the waves in the tub, our Offshore Cargo Base can keep your children happily involved for hours. The platforms and parts look very real and all work together.

So the big crane can move cargo from its cargo hold to the barge. Then the helicopter can pick up the cargo net.

While the tough little tug is unhitched from the docking platform and sent on its appointed rounds. And the four-man crew helps make sure everything runs smoothly.

With so much activity, we made sure that our Offshore Cargo Base is strong durable and watertight. So it can weather years of lifting and loading upstairs, downstairs, indoors and out.

Fisher Price Offshore Cargo Base play set (1979)


Vintage Fisher-Price play sets make a big, big world just the right size (1980)

That’s why all our Play Family [Little People] play sets are populated with simple little figures that fit in furniture and cars and trucks. And our new Woodseys are soft, furry animal people right out of their own little storybook world.

Fisher-Price play sets make a big, big world just the right size (1980

Vintage Toys R Us catalog of Christmas gifts: '80s Out of this World Toy Book (1986)

Vintage F-P Little People airport and airplane from 1972

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People: Every kid should grow up in a small town (1989)

Fisher-Price Little People Every kid should grow up in a small town (1989)

Vintage Fisher Price Little People play sets (1973)

Fisher Price Little People play sets from 1973

Fisher-Price knows that the best toys leave lots of room for make-believe (1977)

Fisher Price Little People play sets from 1977

Look back at Candy Land, the vintage board game that made millions of kids dream of an ice cream & lollipop world

Vintage Fisher-Price little people (1986)

Twenty years ago, Fisher-Price created the very first Little People play set. Today our Little People are more popular than ever…

Fisher-Price created the very first Little People play set 1986

The A-Frame dollhouse for Little People (1974)

This charming vacation house with twin balconies, twin decks, sleeping loft and dining terrace is the setting for four Play Family People and their dog to have fun.

Enroute, all the pieces fit inside, the terrace folds up into the roof, and snaps shut to form a carrying handle.

The Fisher Price A-Frame dollhouse (1974)

Fisher-Price A-frame features a chalet-type house with people, furniture, a car for hours of playhouse fun.

  • Fireplace
  • Built-in kitchen
  • 4-passenger Jeep
  • 4 bunk beds
  • Picnic table
  • 2 benches
  • Fold-out terrace
  • 2 chairs
  • Barbecue grill
  • Sliding doors
  • Deck chairs
  • Dinner bell

Vintage Fisher Price A-Frame dollhouse set with bus and boats and camping

Fisher-Price Little People Fun Park. Small worlds for big imaginations. (1993)

Fisher-Price Little People toys from 1993 (2)

Garage, bus & farm toys

Fisher-Price Little People are designed to make the most of your child’s active imagination

Take our new Fun Park. It has all the rides, twists and turns kids love, not to mention all the fun. On the Little People Farm, when they open the barn door it goes “moo.”

They can pick up their friends in the School Bus. And at the Little People Garage, they can even raise and lower cars on the special crank-up elevator.

With Fisher-Price Little People, fun is always just around the corner.

Fisher-Price Little People toys from 1993 (1)

Fisher-Price would like you to meet our dolls (1974)

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