These vintage Fisher-Price dollhouses offered hours of playtime fun

Vintage Fisher-Price dollhouses

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Have a look back at these cute vintage Fisher-Price dollhouses from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s! Take a look at how they changed over the years, and see which one you remember best.

The spacious Fisher Price Doll House (1979)

To furnish, decorate and live with happily ever after

The spacious Fisher Price Doll House

This big, beautiful house is 23 inches tall from foundation to rooftop. When you assemble it, you’ll see the realistic details we’ve put into it.

There’s a spiral staircase, a “flagstone” patio, a studio loft with big picture window, and sliding French doors on the bedroom balcony. And there’s a choice of wallpaper and a decorating booklet so a child can decorate to taste.

When you’re ready to furnish, there are 10 decorator sets of furniture and appliances you can buy. (The young couple you see here comes with the house Their baby arrives with the nursery furniture.)

And, now that we’ve given you a tour, we wish you good luck in your new home.

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Vintage Fisher-Price toy dollhouse

Fisher-Price Dollhouse With Lights (1984)

Just like a real house, a dollhouse needs lighting to feel like a home. That’s why Fisher-Price created The Dollhouse With Lights.

This magnificent new 3-story Victorian structure can actually glow with lights upstairs and down. The ceiling fixture in the kitchen and the table lamp in the bedroom both come with the house.

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Fisher-Price Dollhouse With Lights (1984)

You can add more lamps too. Your children can easily plug them into the many battery-run outlets, and they can turn all the lamps on or off, at the flick of a single switch.

Naturally a house with lights that looks so warm and homey wants to be lived in. Ours is sturdy enough to take a lot of living and a lot of playing. That goes for the decorator sets and lamps and furnishings also.

And for the friendly little family of four who can’t wait to move in. Be sure to look for them all in your favorite doll department.

But even before all the finishing touches, the Fisher-Price Dollhouse With Lights will make your children’s eyes light up. Which is exactly what we had in mind.

Fisher-Price Dollhouse With Lights retro 1980s toy (1984)

Vintage Fisher Price Once Upon a Dream Palace (1996)

A world where princesses dance all night.

A little girl doesn’t just play with the Once Upon A Dream Palace, she becomes a part of it. The ballroom floor rotates as the princess dances with her prince.

Accessories make it even more magical. Ponies prance in their stable, the royal carriage awaits, and the world is a glamorous, beautiful place. At least until bedtime.

Pretty Princess Sets: These three pretty princesses have combable hair, removable gowns and their very own royal accessories.

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Royal Stable: Features a fold-out corral, pony with combable mane, comb, blanket and water trough. Other ponies sold separately.

Vintage Fisher Price Once Upon a Dream dollhouse (1996)

The Fisher-Price Dream Dollhouse: The place where dreams unfold (1993)

The new Fisher-Price Dream Dollhouse is everything a dream house should be.

With a working door bell to welcome friends who come to visit, three big floors to play on and lots of cozy furniture. It even comes with a family that’s ready to call your own.

And best of all, the new Dream Dollhouse even stores like a dream, folding up in seconds so that it can be tucked away neatly until it’s time to play again.

Includes family of three and 12-piece furniture set. Dollhouse folds compactly for easy storage.

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The Fisher-Price Dream Dollhouse The place where dreams unfold (1993)

Fisher-Price vintage toys – Dream Doll House (1996)

Dream Doll House and Accessories: A world where every house has lots of stories.

Our Dream Doll House has two stories but with all the great new accessories, a child can create hundreds more.

There’s a Dream Village with new shops that expand the fun and a stylish Dream Cruiser to take you there. Its a world of imagination waiting to unfold: inside, outside and all around the neighborhood.

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Fisher-Price vintage toys - Dream Doll House (1996)

Dream Cruiser

Who wouldn’t like to go cruising in this convertible? Includes posable teen figure, retractable cloth top and doors that open and close.

Pool and Barbecue Set

For poolside sunning and funning, this set includes: flip-top barbecue grill, pool with slide, cloth umbrella, snack tray, bench and soft beach towel.

Ballet Friends Set

A complete dance studio with a spinning stage brings these portable figures to life. A great way for kids to add to their Dream Doll House fun.

Kids’ Bedroom Set

This comfy bedroom includes bunk beds that stack or separate, two cloth bedspreads, a bookshelf with lamp and a teddy bear.

Village Pet Shop

It’s the most popular spot in town filled with dogs, cats, kissing lovebirds and more. Plus, all the grooming accessories to keep everyone looking good. Opens and closes for easy storage and portability. Village Dress Shop also available.

Pony & Stable

Little riders will love this charming stable. Includes detachable fold-out corral, little girl dressed in English rider costume and Palomino pony. Both figures store neatly inside stable.

Fisher-Price vintage toys - Dream Doll House accessories (1996)

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