See colorful vintage kitchen sinks of the ’60s & ’70s

Sinks Kohler Endurables (1976)

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Forget white or stainless steel — these vintage kitchen sinks came in bright and bold colors like red, orange, green, yellow and beyond!

The wild one: Colorful vintage kitchen sinks (1968)

The sporty Fiesta makes other kitchen sinks look like they’re standing still. You get a whole new feeling with that souped-up instrument panel to command.

With one hand, you shift into the perfect water temperature, pop open the drain, even shoot an auto stream of detergent.

And Fiesta colors are as wild as the action — all 6 of them.

Add an American-Standard food waste disposer and V-A-R-O-O-O-M — you’ve left dullsville behind! The revolution is on at American-Standard.

American Standard colored kitchen sinks from the 1960s

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Bright new note for your kitchen: Kohler sinks in five new accent colors! (1966)

Who says a kitchen sink has to be dull and colorless? Not Kohler. We’ve put romance back into the kitchen with five new accent-colored sinks.

Beautiful enameled cast iron — they need no metal rim — seal right into your counter — neater — smoother. Shop around the page for the sink that accents your kitchen best.

Check into our five new accent colored sinks for yourself. You’re sure to find just the right note of contrast for any background scheme. Perhaps in Blueberry (above), or Antique Red in the picture at top of page.

Kohler faucets and fittings complement the beauty of the kitchen sink and offer maximum resistance to corrosion — ensure lasting satisfaction. (Sink color is Expresso.)

Note our new Brookfield in Jade — it’s a brand new model. Note the new shape of the big twin basins. See your plumbing contractor, builder or architect. He’s got a colorful story to tell you.

A sink in Citron — or any tithe accent colors–makes this kitchen bright and cheery. Love the idea of accent colored sinks? Write Accent Kitchens, Kohler Co., Kohler, Wisconsin for the bright new booklet.

Kohler sinks in five new accent colors - Vintage kitchen decor 1966

Feast your eyes on gourmet melon kitchen sinks (1965)

It’s the smartest, newest kitchen sink color — and only American-Standard makes it.

You spend 70% of your kitchen time right at the kitchen sink. How dull! But not anymore. Even humdrum jobs seem lighter when the sink is colored bright by American-Standard.

Our newest color is exclusive Gourmet Melon. Or pick from our palette of six other delicious flavors. They come in single and double bowls and a wide variety of sizes. And they’ll wear like iron.

The secret? Cast iron. Rigid, quiet, impact-resistant. Topped with triple-thick enamel finish that resists stains and acid so the color stays bright year after year. Put color in the heart of your kitchen.

Take a minute to call your American-Standard plumbing contractor (he’s listed in the Yellow Pages under “Plumbing Fixtures” or “Plumbing Supplies.”) Ask about these new American-Standard sinks and the sparkling American-Standard Single-Lever faucets and fittings that go with them. 

Gourmet melon colored kitchen sinks from 1965

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Sinks: Kohler Endurables (1976)

Kohler enameled cast iron kitchen sinks – Colors: Antique Red, Tiger Lily, Sunflower, Fresh Green, Avocado and Harvest Gold

Colored vintage sinks from 1970s

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Colorful vintage kitchen sinks

Kohler has lots of complements for new kitchen appliance colors

The big news in kitchens is color. New, earth tones from leading appliance manufacturers. And an unmatched selection of 14 Kohler sink colors to match, complement or accent.

Natural Kohler colors like Parchment. Expresso or Harvest Gold. Bold accents like Fresh Green, Sunflower, Tiger Lily or Blueberry. In styles and sizes for every kitchen plan.

Unlike the dull look of stainless steel, a sink in color makes your kitchen brighter, cheerier. And Kohler enameled cast iron sinks have a strength, depth of color and gloss that other materials can not match. They resist acid stains. scratches and dents.

The enamel on a Kohler sink is five times thicker than on a steel sink—and colorless stainless steel has no enamel. Because they’re solid cast iron, Kohler sinks help dampen disposer vibrations and noise.

See colorful vintage kitchen sinks from 1977

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  1. where can the bold red or blue or yellow kitchen sinks to be found??? am looking at your website at great stuff and a phone call discloses that the johnathan adler line is not available. Why is it online if i can not buy it? Plaease respond with info to help me get what i am looking for. thanks m foster

  2. Now i understand that i grow up poor here in the UK,
    We were still using a stranded Belfast kitchen sink in the mid 80s,, with a hot and cold tap, mixer taps were still 2 decades away for us,
    And i still have not got one, and water disposal, that is something we had to do with a fork, after the water had drained out
    If only in had been born in the states
    You were at least 30 years ahead of us in kitchen design,
    now because of the internet its more like 7

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