Best ride on the range: The glamour of the Ford station wagon (1957)

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Best ride on the range Ford's new glamour wagons 1957 1958 (1)

Best ride on the range Ford's new glamour wagons (1957)

Ford station wagon: Best ride on the range

Whether you’re riding herd on mountain goats or moseying down a gopher-holed cow trail, the “wild west” is suddenly tame … inside the new kind of Ford.

No wonder. You’re in the saddle of a new Inner Ford … the beefiest, most heavily insulated “inner car” in its field. A quieter, smoother riding “inner car,” cushioned by up to 20 live rubber body mounts. A smoother handling “inner car,” thanks to a new swept-back, ball-joint front suspension. In short, an “inner car” that incorporates so many ride advances …the rough roads feel like expressways.

All in all, you’ve got yourself the smoothest ride on the range. What’s more, you’ve got yourself a ride that’s designed to stay smooth. For the new kind of Ford is as rugged as a Brahma bull. It’s built to stay built. And power? A mighty round-up of it from five new Silver Anniversary V-8s.* Or if you prefer, choose Ford’s new Mileage Maker Six… the most powerful six in the industry.

Action-Test a Ford soon. Find out for yourself why the new kind of Ford is corralling such raves.

Best ride on the range: Ford's new glamour wagons (1957)

Best ride on the range: Ford's new glamour wagons (1957)

Like all of Ford’s new “glamour wagons,” the nine-passenger Country Sedan measures over 17 feet. Featured is a new wrap-around liftgate for better vision. A single handle opens tailgate and liftgate at once.

1950s Ford station wagon: There’s no wagon like a Ford wagon (September 1957)

It’s simple as this: Ford gives you more of what you want in a station wagon… and for less money. And that’s why more people buy more of them than any other, by thousands.

You want lots of load space, for instance. Ford Station Wagons give you space to spare for work or family travel. You want easy loading. Ford wagons make it possible for you to open the lift gate and tail gate with one hand. And you get the widest load space opening in the low price field, thanks to Ford’s wrap-around liftgate.

Best ride on the range Ford's new glamour wagons 1957 1958 (2)

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