Vintage Fashion from the 1960s adult coloring book: 50 pages of retro ’60s clothing for women

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s coloring book - Click Americana cover

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Take a trip back to the 1960s with this collection of 50 far-out fashion illustrations inspired by the hippest women’s styles from between 1960 and 1969!

Inside our Vintage Fashion from the 1960s Adult Coloring Book, you’ll get a chance to bring these trendy vintage dresses, miniskirts, tops and coats to life with your own personal style sense.

This era of fashion is extra fun to color! While clothing styles in the early sixties started out very much in the tradition of the 1950s — often tailored and conservative — they ended up featuring bold patterns and colors, with styles ranging from flowery & flowing to short & sassy.

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s coloring book - Sample pages (3)

In our coloring book, you’ll find business and leisure fashions, along with the most iconic styles of the day, including Bohemian/hippie looks and mod trends.

These old-school clothes feature a kaleidoscope of fabric patterns, with the images set against a variety of backdrops that include delightful shapes and scenes.

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s coloring book - Sample pages (2)

Whether you want to travel back in time, or you’re looking for a new take on something retro, you’ll find dozens of drawings ready for you to add your own unique brand of flair.

So get your favorite colored pencils or pens ready, and let’s get groovy! Get your copy here.

Vintage 1960s fashion - Coloring book cover

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s coloring page index/samples

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s - Image index (2)

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s - Image index (1)

Inside, you’ll find a few extras to make this book as enjoyable and easy-to-use as possible:

Index: You can see all of the images in the main section of the book using the visual index on pages 4 and 5.

Number-free: To keep the coloring pages as clean as possible, they do not have page numbers visible on the front. To navigate using the visual index, please reference the numbers opposite each picture.

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s coloring book - Sample pages (4)

Blank paper: While many people have reported excellent results using colored pencils on designs like these, if you use pens or markers, you may want to slip a blank sheet of paper behind the page as you color to avoid bleed-through.

Testing space: Sharpened colored pencils are recommended. Not sure how your pens or pencils will work on this paper? Page 4 offers space to test your coloring medium of choice.

One-sided: To help avoid bleed-through, each coloring activity is printed on just one side of the page. Please note: Pages in this book are not perforated.

Vintage Fashion from the 1960s coloring book - Sample pages (1)

A half century after these clothes were designed, you get to dive into this book full of beautiful vintage-inspired illustrations, and make them all your own!

You’ll also find out why millions of people have found that coloring books aren’t just for kids! Coloring can be relaxing and creative fun for people of all ages. Better yet, when you finish each page, you’ll have created a beautiful piece of art.

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