Classic Chevy Chevelle cars of the 1960s & 1970s

Classic Chevy Chevelles of the 1960s and 1970s

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Chevelle Malibu station wagon (1965)

Big V8 up front, 86 cu. ft. of cargo space in back — and the time of your life in between.

’65 Chevelle by Chevrolet

If you’re for wide open spaces, you’ll find a lot to like inside. And there’s room under the hood for the kind of youthful spirit that makes you want to go places just for the fun of it.

Chevelle wagons, too, have put on a happy new face for ’65.

Up front, you’ll find a new hood, grille and bumper. And the freshness continues along the sides with new body trim and a set of new taillights to brighten up the rear.

Chevelle has nothing it wants to hide underneath, either. You can specify the engine and transmission combination you prefer from a wide range of power teams, way up to a 350-hp Turbo-Fire V8.

But the biggest thing you’ll find inside a Chevelle station wagon is cargo space — loads of room for rubber rafts, beach balls and surfboards. Makes a good case for skis and toboggans, too.

And Chevelle’s new ride makes hitting the road softer than ever. That’s because of its improved suspension system incorporating a softer coil spring at each wheel. So now you can rough it with ease.

Some Chevelle features are easy to overlook at first — until you begin to notice how much you’re saving on upkeep. Things like a battery-saving Delcotron generator. Rust-resisting rocker panels and steel inner fender skirts. And the long-life aluminized exhaust system.

One of the few things Chevelle can’t take care of on its own is the price. But you should be able to handle that very easily.

1965 Chevy Chevelle station wagon

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Chevelle by Chevrolet has a few surprises for you. (1965)

Like the ride, performance, comfort, quietness, styling, luxury, handling, practicality, economy of operation, ease of maintenance, versatility, response, roominess, luggage capacity, finish, longevity, size, and spirit.

Surprise! It’s an intermediate-size car, but there’s nothing intermediate about Chevelle’s performance.

In fact, there are a total of 21 power teams, to give you precisely the grade of performance you want most. And the neat size of Chevelle just insures you the agility to go with the performance.

Surprise again: revise your notions about the roominess and comfort of an intermediate- size car. Once you discover the easy grace of the new Chevelle ride — refined even more this year — you’ll realize that Chevelle offers ail the traditional Chevrolet values in a surprisingly handy size and sharp new personality.

We could go on and on, but you’ll get the Chevelle idea best when you discover how much space you don’t need to park it and how much money you don’t have to spend to buy and operate it. And how many custom touches you can add to make your own Chevelle very special — anything and everything from an AM-FM Stereo radio to a tissue dispenser.

The other surprises you’ll just have to see for yourself. Chevelle simply has more of everything than anything else in its class. Surprise yourself: try one! (Shown: Chevelle Malibu Super Sport convertible) 

65 Chevy Chevelle

Malibu Super Sport Coupe, gone a wandering. Chevelle by Chevrolet (1965)

If you want to know how well it rides, wander off the Interstate a ways.

Spend some time. See horses, cows and countryside. Sample what our Full Coil suspension does for comfort.

Highways try a car one way, byways another. Chevelle handles both in mannerly fashion. A big coil spring at each wheel soaks up jolts and jars, unruffling the most. rumpled roads.

There’s a double-action shock absorber for each coil spring, too, and a front stabilizer bar to straighten out the curves. If all that isn’t enough, its frame design, special body mounts and acoustic insulation help keep Chevelle going smooth and quiet.

We put more comfort in Chevelle than just the ride, though. You should see inside this Malibu Super Sport Coupe. Foam-cushioned seats come upholstered all in vinyl. There are buckets up front, separated by a sporty console when you order Powerglide or the 4-speed. There’s also a full set of instruments for the driver, ashtrays and armrests and stretch-out room for people in back, deep-twist carpeting underfoot for everybody.

Chevelle’s handsome styling is obvious enough above, except the gracefully curved side windows are down, Chevelle’s power you order to suit yourself, anything from our tight-fisted 120-hp Six on up to whatever you like for cruising the Interstate or exploring the countryside.

If you’re the adventurous sort, maybe you should see your Chevrolet dealer about a Chevelle today. Get yourself a road map, too.

65 Chevelle by Chevrolet

New Malibu Super Sport Coupe in Regal Red (1965)

Beautiful Shape for ’65– Chevelle.

New ride, new style and an engine that makes any driver feel young.

On one hand, the 65 Chevelle makes you feel settled and wise and rich with its smooth new ride and plushness all about. But then on the other hand, there’s a frisky power story!

There are enough changes in this ‘65 Chevelle to make it look and act like another whole new car from Chevrolet. The front’s been restyled. So has the back. The interiors are done up in some of the richest looking vinyls and fabrics around.

The ride is amazing. We’ve patterned Chevelle’s Full Coil suspension after those in cars costing far more.

And if you’d like to hear how quietly it rides with its softer springs and extra body insulation, just put your fingers in your ears and listen. As for that frisky power, you get it in either of two V8’s you can add, ranging all the way up to 300 horsepower. That makes five engines for Chevelle now, including the standard 120-hp Hi-Thrift Six.

And the list of special options and accessories you can order goes on and on. Four-speed manual shift. Automatic Powerglide. A luxurious vinyl roof cover for the Sport Coupes. A new AM-FM Stereo radio that makes you think the musicians came with the car.

Twelve Chevelle models in four series and in 15 colors (13 new) to choose from for ’65 — and all available with big V8’s!

1965 Chevelle - Chevy cars

’66 Chevelles are as sporty as you care to go (1966)

New Chevelle by Chevrolet

That’s our SS 396! It’s a sport coupe or convertible with a 396-cu.-in. 325-hp Turbo-Jet V8 under the hood, a fully synchronized 3-speed gearbox and special suspension. You tell it by the black grille, air-scoop-styled hood, red stripe tires and big SS 396 emblems front and back.

There’s another version you can order, too, the Turbo-Jet 396 at 360 hp. Other things you can ask for include a close-ratio 4-speed, bucket seats, center console and special instrumentation including a tach. Chevelle SS 396!

This is our Malibu Sport Coupe. We’ve lavished new looks and comforts on the ’66 Chevelles, all 12 models. A crisp new profile. Bold new roof lines on the coupes. Bright new interiors, with carpeting everywhere and yards of vinyl in Super Sports and Malibus.

You can order bucket seats and console for this one, too, and Turbo-Fire V8s up to 275 hp. Chevelle still pampers people with its coil-springed ride, its long-legged roominess, its middle-sized handling ease. Buckle yourself into one at your Chevrolet dealer’s.

1966 Chevelle cars - Chevrolet

Chevelle SS 396 – and friends (1969)

The ’69 Chevelle wishes its rivals a lot of luck. They’ll need it.

A powerful lot when you add SS 396 equipment. Performance enough (with either the 325- or 50-hp Turbo-Jet 196 V8) to give almost anybody a run for his money.

Speaking of money, Chevelle is a deliberate appeal to the value-conscious. We’ve packed as much room, comfort, riding quality, good looks and performance into our Chevelle as some people can manage for their full-size cars.

Could these be the reasons Chevelle is America’s most popular mid-size car? Could be.

Chere are 7 models to choose from. So browse a little at your Chevrolet dealer’s before your resistance crumbles.

Top: Malibu Sport Coupe

Bottom: 300 Deluxe 4-Door Sedan

Right: SS 396 Sport Coupe with Sport striping

'69 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

Chevelles appeal to two age groups. Under 30. And over. (1969)

One reason Chevelles move so many different people is that there are so many different Chevelles to move.

You could buy a Garnet Red SS 396 Sport Coupe with domed hood, power disc brakes, sport wheels, beefed-up suspension and a whole lot more.

Or you could have a nice modest Tuxedo Black 300 Deluxe Sedan with a frugal 140-hp Six and few if any extras.

Chevelles are different all right. From each other. And from other mid-size cars.

No other mid-size car handles quite this nimble, rides quite this quiet. or looks (in our humble opinion) quite this great.

No other mid-size car has an anti-theft locking system, Full Coil suspension with computer-selected springs, flush-and-dry rocker panels, inner fenders, and an acrylic lacquer finish.

At least not at our price.

Chevelle, the most popular mid-size car there is. The one with friends on both sides of the generation gap.

'69 Chevelle

1969 Chevelle car - red

There’s a fine line between pure sport and pure luxury. (1969)

It’s called Chevelle.

Out-and-out sports cars are often thought to be exciting but undisciplined.

On the other hand, luxury automobiles sometimes earn the undeserved reputation of being sluggish and unresponsive.

Is it possible to combine the best of these extremes, while completely eliminating the negatives? Happily, yes.

Chevelle can offer the stimulation of a 396-cubic-inch V8 together with the serenity of a full coil ride on computer selected springs.

And family-size roominess with needle-sharp handling. And a surprisingly rich look with a price that’s not too rich for your blood. Beginning to get the idea?

A visit to your Chevrolet dealer’s will make Chevelle all the more appealing. Put your sales resistance to the test.

'69 Chevelle car in blue

2 new Chevy Chevelle cars (1970)

Every car in this ad has Full Coil suspension, steel side guard beams, inner fenders, computer-selected springs and Magic-Mirror finish. You won’t find all of them in our competitors’ ads. Because you won’t find all of them in our competitors’ cars. Maybe that’s why Chevelle outsells every other mid-size car…

Now, two new Chevelles. We’ve recently added a lower-priced 4-door sedan and a lower-priced sport coupe is now the lowest-priced mid-size hardtop.

2 new Chevy Chevelles (1970)

In 10 seconds, your resistance will self-destruct. (1970)

1970 Chevelle SS 396.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to resist.

The standard V8 has been kicked up to 350 hp. A new air-gulping Cowl Induction Hood awaits your order. You can also order your choice of a floor-mounted 4-speed or the 3-range Turbo Hydra-matic.

Under that lean and hungry look is a lean and agile suspension. F70 x 14 white-lettered wide oval treads. 7″-wide mag-type wheels. And power disc brakes.

Your mission is to infiltrate your Chevy dealer’s and escape with this car. It will go willingly.

Putting you first, keeps us first.

Classic 1970 Chevelle SS 396

New Chevelle Malibu. It has more room inside. (1973)

With the addition of a little more space, our 1973 Chevelle is even more comfortable than our 1972 Chevelle.

In the front seat, more arm and elbow room. In the back, slightly more head room and nearly 3-1/2 extra inches for legs. But we added more than inches.

A new improved front bumper system. Double-panel steel roof. Front disc brakes. A power ventilation system. More glass for improved visibility. There’s a new wide-stance chassis design. And we’ve improved the suspension.

Believe us, the ride is fantastic. No, don’t believe us. Try us. At your neighborhood Chevrolet dealer’s. Please.

Vintage 1973 Chevelle Malibu

Introducing Laguna. The new top-of-the-line Chevelle. (1973)

Good news, Chevelle people. You can move up to more car without leaving the make you love most.

Laguna is a new kind of Chevelle, the top of the line. The distinctively styled front end is covered completely by resilient, protective urethane to resist dents. Laguna has among other things a special body-color rear bumper.

Inside: special fabrics, special steering wheel and woodgrain accents. Laguna, like all ’73 Chevelles, has new front disc brakes, flow-through power ventilation, more glass area for improved visibility and more back seat leg room. There’s a power-operated moonroof you can add.

You’re going to like the Laguna. A lot.

1973 Chevrolet. Building a better way to see the U.S.A.

1973 Chevelle Laguna

1975 efficiency, 1965 fun. (1975)

Every Chevelle gives you ’75 efficiency. Now for some ’65 fun!

Chevelle Laguna Type S-3. The mid-sized sport coupe by Chevrolet. Some of the good old times. In a brand new package. Get yourself a ‘G un a and you get yourself this:

Chevelle room. That’s room for six, friends or family, plus sports gear, business aids, whatever.

Chevelle response. Here’s response that isn’t just engine. deep and straight ahead. S-3 brings out the driver in you.

It is a car to be driven, to be maneuvered, to be thoroughly enjoyed. Variable-ratio power steering, steel-belted radials, Full Coil radial tuned suspension, front and rear stabilizers are all standard.

Chevelle economy. The Chevrolet Efficiency System gives Laguna’s standard 350-2 V8 better gas mileage this year than last. Plus longer recommended service intervals, fewer and simpler tune-ups, no need for points or ignition condenser, ever, and plugs that should last 22,500 miles.

A look of your own. The icing. Look again at the new Laguna. Notice the front end: aerodynamically styled. Those louvered coach windows, Rally wheels and dual sport mirrors are standard.

And you can add more of the stuff of which dreams are made — body striping, sport roof, 4-spoke steering wheel, swivel buckets, center console — all just waiting to make Laguna all your own.

Laguna Type S-3. Some ’75 efficiency. Some ’65 fun. Get a ‘Guna, now, at your Chevy dealer’s.

Now that makes sense.

1975 Chevrolet Chevelle

’76 Chevelle. A size whose time has come. (1976)

Chevelle’s traditionally popular mid-size design is all the more “right” for today. Especially for people who no longer want a large car, yet would not be truly comfortable with a small car.

Chevelle is large enough for comfortable highway driving with luggage or a trailer, yet small enough for in-town traffic and parking. A new, smaller 305 V8, automatic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes are all standard on VS models.

And, for top Chevelle economy, the 6-cyl. model with its standard 250-1 engine and 3-speed manual transmission (without air conditioning in use) is rated at 26 mpg highway, 18 mpg city in U.S. Government EPA tests.

That’s nice mileage, but remember: Those mileage figures are estimates. The actual mileage you get will vary depending on the type of driving you do, your driving habits, your car’s condition, and available equipment.

1976 Chevelle. It’s a size whose time has come. 

1976 Chevy Chevelle

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