The ’57 Chevy: See why they said 1957’s classic Chevrolet cars were sweet, smooth and sassy

57 Chevrolet! Sweet, smooth and sassy!

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Sweet, smooth & sassy: Chevy’s 1957 Bel Air Sport Coupe – Filled with grace and great new things

It looks agile, graceful and easy to handle — and it more than lives up to its looks! Chevy offers fuel injection and America’s first and only triple-turbine transmission.

You expect something pretty special in the way of driving pleasure the very first time you take charge of a new Chevrolet.

Those clean, graceful contours hold a promise of quicksilver responsiveness. And there’s something about the low, action-poised profile that tells you Chevy’s a honey to handle.

It doesn’t take long to find out that this car lives up to all its “advance notice” — and then some!

Horsepower ranging up to 245 translates your toe-touch into cream-smooth motion. You find that taming a corner is almost as easy as making a wish. And you see how Chevrolet’s solid sureness of control makes for safer, happier driving on city streets, superhighways and everything in between.

If you drive a new Chevrolet with Turboglide (an extra-cost option), you’ll discover triple-turbine takeoff and a new flowing kind of going.

Stop by your Chevrolet dealer’s and sample all these great new things!… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Mich.

Sweet, smooth & sassy: Chevy's Bel Air Sport Coupe (1957)

(Pictured) Sweet, smooth & sassy: The beautiful Bel Air Sport Coupe. You can see and feel the solid quality of its Body by Fisher.

This beauty is no hothouse flower… the ’57 Chevrolet

You don’t need fair weather and fine roads to enjoy this sweet, smooth and sassy Chevy! It’s as sold and sturdy as its Body by Fisher — beautiful, and built to stay that way. And the way it’s put together gives you more to be proud of!

1957 Chevrolet - no hothouse flower - classic cars

Smooth as quicksilver, and quick as they come: the ’57 Chevrolet!

Smooth, sweet & sassy! The Bel Air 4-door sedan with Body by Fisher – one of 20 new Chevies

Trips never seemed so short — or roads so smooth — as they do in this beautiful traveler. It’s sweet, smooth and sassy — with new velvety V8 power and a sure-footed way of going that’s Chevy’s alone!

Cars with Chevy’s born-to-the-road build are hard to come by these days. In addition to designing a car that’s just plain good to look at, Chevrolet engineers didn’t forget that a car’s first obligation is to ride, and ride well.

How about a '56 Chevy? See the huge Chevrolet cars & station wagons that were big in 1956

The new Chevy’s low and wide (as comfortable inside as you’d want) and built for the road, with broad-based outrigger rear springs and beautifully balanced weight.

That’s the reason for Chevrolet’s nice solid feel; the reason it moves so surely and smoothly along any kind of highway and clings so gracefully on curves.

Cars with Chevy’s jack-rabbity pep are hard to come by, too. The secret here is a V8 engine, with up to 245 h.p.,* that brings a smile to your face when you nudge it even a little bit.

Now if you’re looking for extra economy in your driving, your choice would be Chevy’s famous “Blue-Flame” Six. But V8 or 6, you’re sure of fun. Stop by your Chevrolet dealer’s and try one soon! . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Mich.

*270-h.p. high-performance V8 engine also available at extra cost.

57 Chevrolet - Sweet, smooth and sassy

’57 Chevrolet! Sweet, smooth and sassy!

Chevy goes ’em one better for ’57 with a daring new departure in design (looks longer and lower, and it is!), exclusive new Triple-Turbine Turboglide automatic drive, a new V8 and a bumper crop of new ideas, including fuel injection!

Chevy’s new, and Chevy shows it — from its daring new grille and stylish lower bonnet to the saucy new slant of its High-Fashion rear fenders. It’s longer, too, and looks it.

And new style is just the start. There are new V8 power options that range up to 245 hp.

Then, you’ve a choice of two automatic drives as extra-cost options. There’s an even finer Powerglide, and new nothing-like-it Turboglide with Triple-Turbine take-off. 

Come see the new car that goes ‘em all one better. And, better yet, drive it!

1957 Chevrolet - 57 Chevy ad

Full of spunk… but beautifully behaved… the ’57 Chevy!

It doesn’t just look sweet, smooth and sassy. … that’s the kind of car the’57 Chevy in. And you get sports car control behind the wheel… a solid, sure-footed feel on the road, smooth and easy response to every command.

When you design sports car sure-footedness and precision of control into a passenger car, you’re ahead right off the Inn.

Chevrolet’s new advances in steering, suspension and springing take care of that. Then drop in the industry’s most advanced, most talked about V8 engine and you’ve got a car that’s noticeably different from any other on the road.

That’s the new Chevy — the lithest, liveliest, sweetest handling number of the year. That’s why you’ll get more of a lift out of driving a ’57 Chevy.

Its pep and easy handling make it fun. Safer, too. It’s spacious inside, during in design outside. But still it’s a stickler for tradition, and in the grand Chevrolet manner, it’s known to be as trouble-free as that totem pole in our picture.

Drive a new Chevy, one with the exact power you prefer (h.p. goes up to 245). With triple-turbine Turboglide, too, the newest and smoothest of all automatic drives (an extra-cost option).

Your dealer will gladly arrange it… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan.

Full of spunk... but beautifully behaved... the '57 Chevy!

’57 Chevy puts the purr in performance!

Sweet, smooth & sassy! The dashing new Corvette & the Bel Air Sport Coupe with Body by Fisher — two of 20 beautiful new Chevies.

That new V8 in the ’57 Chevrolet is as quiet as a contented cat and as smooth as cream. And it’s cat-quick in response when you ask for action!

No household tabby sitting in a sunny window ever purred more softly than Chevy’s new V8 engine. It’s so kitten-quiet and cream-smooth that you can scarcely even tell when it’s idling.

But when you nudge the accelerator, you know it’s there, all right! It pours out the kind of velvety action that helps you be a surer, safer driver at all times. Its smooth, right-now response keeps you out of unexpected highway emergencies.

57 Chevy puts the purr in performance (1)

And it overpowers steep hills with such ease they seem like level landscape. New Chevrolet V8 engine options put up to 245* high-compression horsepower under your command.

With 283 cubic inches of displacement, this beautifully designed V8  is a new, bigger and better edition of the engines that have put Chevrolet at the top of the performance ladder.

It’s sassy, sure — but as tame to your touch as a purring pussycat.

Try the smoothest V8 you ever put a toe to, and all the good things that go with it. Like new Turboglide — the first and only triple-turbine automatic drive (an extra-cost option). And Chevy’s own special sweet and solid way of going.

Stop by your Chevrolet dealer’s… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan.

57 Chevy puts the purr in performance (2)

57 Chevy puts the purr in performance (3)

57 Chevy cars - Classic automobiles.jpg

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