How about a ’56 Chevy? See the huge Chevrolet cars & station wagons that were big in 1956

'56 Chevy See the huge Chevrolet cars & station wagons

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The hot one’s even hotter: ’56 Chevy

It’s the new 1956 Chevrolet — with bold new Motoramic styling… frisky new models… more of the dynamite action that’s zoomed its way into America’s heart.

They’re here — and even hotter. That’s the word on the new ’56 Chevrolets.

This is the car, you know, that smashed the Pikes Peak record! That’s proof of the kind of performance that puts safety and fun in your driving.

1956 Chevrolet car

VIDEO: Vintage television commercial introducing the new ’56 Chevy station wagons


The ’56 Chevy’s 19 sure cures for spring fever… all easy to take!

Those fresh and frisky ’56 Chevrolets

Are you feeling slightly day-dreamy these days? Find yourself thinking of faraway places where tall trees hem in the highway, and sunlight skips merrily along a chuckling mountain stream? That’s spring fever, friend.

It’s curable, though — and we don’t mean with sulphur and molasses. You just pick out a frisky new Chevrolet, and go find that mountain stream. Or, if you can’t get away for the trip, just owning a new Chevrolet will do the trick.

Sunday sightseeing around town and afternoon jaunts in the countryside are shiny new adventures when you’re driving one of these fun-loving new Chevies.

Fresh and frisky 56 Chevrolets

The '57 Chevy: See why they said 1957's classic Chevrolet cars were sweet, sassy, and smooth

Classic cars shown below:

Bel Air Sport Coupe / Bel Air Convertible / Bel Air Nomad

Two-Ten Sport Sedan / Two-Ten Beauville / Two-Ten Sport Coupe

Two-Ten Handyman / Two-Ten Delray Club Coupe / One-Fifty 4-Door Sedan

56 Chevys - Classic cars (2)

Classic cars shown below:

Bel Air 4-door Sedan / Bel Air 2-door Sedan / Bel Air Beauville

Two-Ten 4-door Sedan / Two-Ten Townsman / Two-Ten 2-door Sedan

One-Fifty 2-door Sedan / One-Fifty Utility Sedan / One-Fifty Handyman

56 Chevys - Classic cars (1)

’56 Chevy – Seats a whole baseball team beautifully

It’s one of 6 sprightly new Chevrolet station wagons

In place of baseball players, of course, it could be other people. Friends of yours, for instance, assorted small fry, or visiting dignitaries.

Anyway, there’s room for 3 on each seat, 9 in all. (A separate section of the center seat folds down to allow rear seat passengers to get in and out easily and gracefully.) And there’s even space left over for baseball hats or baggage.

If you’re joining the fast-growing station wagon family, be sure to look these new Chevrolets over.

1957 Chevrolet - Seats a whole baseball team

And a parody from Mad Magazine in 1956

The new expandable Severolet…

Seats a whole checker team

… a whole croquet team

… a whole football team

… a whole Olympic team… beautifully!

September 1956 Severolet station wagon cars - parody

56 Chevy cars - Classic automobiles

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