Vintage Ford Econoline vans from the ’60s

Vintage Ford Econoline Vans from 1963

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What a pickup! ’63 Ford Econoline Van

What a pickup you’d have if you could… move the cab forward so you could see the road better and have more loadspace… put a cover on the load area to keep out the weather and prevent theft… put double doors at the back and side for easy load handling, and… keep the cost of all these wonderful improvements below $100!

1963 Ford Econoline Van (1)

1963 Econoline Van: Why buy an ordinary panel…

More loadspace… more loading ease… Econoline offers 204 cu ft of loadspace — up to 64% more than in old-style 1/2 ton panels.

1963 Ford Econoline Van (2)

The ’64 Ford Econoline Van is within easy reach

Ford Econoline Van’s eight doors and flat floor put every part of your load within arm’s length. Priced within easy reach, too! Costs less to buy and run, outsells others 2 to 1.

Everything’s easy in a new Ford Econoline. Load handling is easy — choice of four, six, or eight big doors puts all your load within arm’s reach. A long, low, flat floor lets you slide heavy loads clear through. You can even have load bins and racks custom-fitted to your needs.


Loadspace to spare — up to 56% more room than old-style panels, and for ’64, an optional heavy-duty package gives you a payload capacity of 2.000 lbs.

Econoline’s easy to maneuver, too … up-front visibility, small turning circle and short wheelbase make it as nimble as a scooter.

Adding to the ease are new, thicker, self-adjusting brakes, and optional 3-speed automatic and 4-speed traffic transmissions. And easy on you is Econoline’s low price: a comparison of manufacturers’ suggested retail prices shows a difference of up to $291 over 1/2-ton panels. Easy to see, isn’t it, why Ford’s Econoline Van outsells any truck in its class… by two to one.

2.7 cents per mile for gas, oil, tires, preventive maintenance and repairs! That’s the remarkable record of two ’63 Econolines in a 100,000-mile test by independent research engineers. 

Vintage Ford Econoline Vans from 1964

All new Ford Ecoline vans (1968)

We took the engine out of the loadspace. (It started a whole chain of better ideas.)

So many better ideas they make all other vans obsolete.

Moving the engine forward began it all. Load length increased. Clear floor area became 23% greater than in other vans. And with the engine out of the way, the driver gained new access to the rear load area; engine servicing became possible from outside the van.

Next, we boosted payloads — up to 3540 lbs. And when we added Twin-I-Beam front suspension for easy ride, plus an optional 302 cu. in. V-8 for powerful performance, the sum of Ford’s better ideas was a better van… all around!

Vintage Ford Econoline Vans from 1968

Makes all other vans obsolete. (1969)

That’s why Ford outsells all other vans combined.

Only Ford gives you 23% more floorspace.

Ford moved the engine forward — clear out of the loadspace. The result is 23% more unobstructed floor area then any other van can offer. Clear load length in the standard Econoline Van measures over 8-1/2 feet; in the SuperVan it is over 10 ft.

Only Ford gives you payloads as big as 3600 pounds.

Three Ecoline series with with heavier construction and higher capacity axles allow you to carry heavier loads — as much as 1325 pounds more than other vane. Power ranges up to 302 cubic inches V-8 for responsive performance.

Only Ford gives you a driver “walk-thru” to the rear.

With the engine moved forward, Ford’s larger loadspace is more accessible to the driver. He can step back into load ares without climbing over the engine. Ford’s engine cover is heavily insulated to seal out heat, noise. Flat top has raised edges for use as a handy package tray.

Vintage Ford Econoline Vans from 1969

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