16 Magazine in the 1980s tracked the most popular teen heartthrobs

Vintage 1980s 16 magazine covers

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Take a trip down memory lane and browse this virtual newsstand of 16 Magazine covers to remember who was hot (at least in the hearts of teen girls) during the 80s!

We put together this collection of eighteen different covers from teenybop magazine 16 — featuring the most popular musicians and actors… at least according to teens at the time. They show how the country’s taste turned over time from Kiss and Leif Garrett to Duran Duran and Ralph Macchio, then to Kirk Cameron and a young Johnny Depp.

1) 16 Magazine: January 1980

Gene Simmons of Kiss, Rex Smith, Peter Barton, Greg Evigan, Andy Gibb


2) March 1980 cover of 16 magazine

Kiss, Leif Garrett, Styx, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Peter Barton


3) Teen fan mag from October 1980

Scott Baio, Kiss, Tom Wopat, Matt Dillon


4) 16 Magazine: December 1981

John Schneider, REO Speedwagon, Kiss, Scott Baio, Journey, Rick Springfield, Ralph Macchio


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5) Retro 1980s 16 magazine – May 1982

Retro 1980s 16 magazine - May 1982

6) 16 Magazine: August 1984

Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Tommy Howell, Menudo, Ricky Schroder, Van Halen, Kevin Bacon

16 magazine - August 1984

7) Sixteen cover from December 1984

Duran Duran, Ralph Macchio, Tommy Howell, Rick Springfield, Ricky Schroeder

Sixteen cover from December 1984

8) Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran in September 1984

Duran Duran, Ralph Macchio, Michael Jackson, Culture Club, Solid Gold

16 magazine with Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran in September 1984

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9) January 1985 issue with teen stars

Duran Duran weddings, Menudo, John Stamos, Bruce Springsteen, Rob Lowe, Chad Lowe

Duran Duran on January 1985 cover of 16 magazine

10) 16 Magazine: April 1986

Michael J Fox, Andrew McCarthy, Duran Duran, a-ha, Don Johnson, Loverboy


11) 16 Magazine: January 1987

The Monkees, a-ha, Sean Astin & Mack (Mackenzie) Astin, young Kirk Cameron, Don Johnson, Corey Hart


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12) TV & music stars in March 1987

Monkees, Micky Dolenz, Kirk Cameron, Rob Lowe, a-ha, Tommy Howell


13) August 1987 mag cover

Jon Bon Jovi, Ralph Macchio’s secret wedding, Kirk Cameron, Corey Haim, Sean Astin, River Phoenix


14) 80s celebrities in September 1987

River Phoenix, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Monkees, Menudo, Corey Feldman & the Lost Boys movie

16 Magazine September 1987

15) November 1987

River Phoenix, Kirk Cameron, Johnny Depp, Chad Allen, Wil Wheaton, Monkees, Sean Astin


16) 16 magazine from winter 1987-1988

Kirk Cameron, Monkees, River Phoenix, George Michael, Corey Haim, Monkees, Def Leppard, Charlie Sheen, Michael J Fox


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17) February 1988

Corey Feldman, Kirk Cameron, River Phoenix, Sean Astin, Bon Jovi, Monkees


18) Vintage 80s 16 magazine issue: January 1989

Vintage 80s 16 magazine issue January 1989

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