You probably don’t want to see Charlie Sheen’s star-studded Super 8 home movies from the ’80s

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Here’s a little bit about Charlie Sheen’s self-produced movies, RPG and RPG II, which starred a very young Johnny Depp and Clint Howard.

The first of these two films was apparently so bad, it even got booed during Charlie’s 2011 “Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour.”

The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “When loud booing cut the film short, Sheen said, “‘OK, so RPG’s a bomb. Whatever. Tonight is an experiment.'”

Charlie Sheen's star-studded Super 8 home movies (1988)

…But what he really wants to do is direct

No one doubts that Charlie Sheen is a box-office success. When it comes to showing his directorial clout, however, the star of Platoon and Wall Street sticks to what he knows best: home movies.

Charlie has written and directed over 200 Super-8 films in his 22 years, with pals like Sean and Chris Penn, Rob and Chad Lowe, and older brother Emilio Estevez in the lead roles.

RPG II is a sequel to one of Charlie’s earlier efforts (only it’s on 35mm). Clint Howard (you know, the kid from Gentle Ben who has bit parts in all his brother Ron’s movies) and Johnny Depp star in roles they created for RPG in which they blow up a Fotomat when their pictures aren’t ready on time.

By the way, RPG stands for rocket-propelled grenades. In the sequel, the object of their ire (and fire) is a lifeguard played by He-Man Dolph Lundgren.

According to Charlie’s publicist, RPG II won’t be making any major theater rounds, though it will be released on cable.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s finishing up work on Eight Men Out, a baseball flick for Orion.

Charlie Sheen - Johnny Depp - movies 1988

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