Out of this world retro 60s clothes for her from 1966

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Fashion Free Fall: Retro ’60s clothes for women

Not light years away, but right now, this summer, a chance to soar off into a new fashion orbit, wearing the kinds of clothes that make you feel as free and weightless as a space-walker — kicky culottes, free-swinging pants, flighty pajamas and tent-y dresses — all in a brilliant galaxy of designs and colors. 

And these pretty little space clothes will take you to some of the most exciting happenings anywhere in the universe.

By Trudy Owett, Fashion Editor

LEFT: Crepe de chine in a bold abstract print (comes with matching scarf). Leo Narducci for Guy D, 6-16, $70.

RIGHT: Windowpane checks in rayon crepe, by Sylvia de Gay for Robert Sloan, 6-14, $70. Colo sandals; earrings by Sandor Goldberger.

Retro '60s clothes for her

OPPOSITE [BELOW]: Floating right out of this world, a tent-shaped dress in light-as-air silk chiffon by Joel Schumacher for Mam’selle Division, Puritan Fashions, 3-13, $70. Adlib shoes, KJL earrings.

Newly freed from at-home restrictions and leaping into outer space (or wherever else the party might be), the one-piece culotte pajama, like those above.

Fashion free fall Womenswear 1966 4

Brave new breakaway fashion

ABOVE, LEFT: top and pants; both of stretch nylon knit, 6-14, by Gayle Kirkpatrick for Atelier. Each, $19. Castlecliff earrings. Fit for a moon maiden.

BELOW, LEFT, a space-happy tent dress of violet nylon Enka knit, hooded and scattered with daisies. By Stanley Herman for Mr. Mort, 3-13, $36.

Fashion free fall Womenswear 1966 3

Stellar attractions, OPPOSITE [BELOW], both designed for ultra-quick take-offs.

Far right: Op-checked culottes, of double-woven cotton by Regina Porter for Porter House, Ltd., 6-14, $25. Sandals by Golo.

Right, sleeveless white skimmer of Dacron and cotton knit that starts and stops with diamond-patterned tubing. By Ingeborg, for Jane Irwill, 6-12, 3535.

Sandals by Capezio. Astronaut suit, Dimensions Craft, W Marlboro, Mass.

Fashion free fall Womenswear 1966 2

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