Antique women’s clothing from 1890: See the styles Victorian ladies were wearing

Antique women's fashion from 1890 See the clothes Victorian ladies were wearing for winter

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What did the stylish, trendsetting women of the late Victorian age wear? Take a look back here at antique women’s clothing from 1890, courtesy of the old Bloomingdale’s and H. O’Neill and Company catalogs.

Antique fashion, Victorian-style: Ready-made wash suits

Neat suit, latest pattern in Scotch gingham, very tastefully trimmed with plain combination on skirt and waist, a decided novelty.

Stylish dress, elegant pattern of Scotch gingham, skirt and waist trimmed with silk ribbon.

Handsome sateen suit, skirt and waist handsomely trimmed with silk ribbon.

Antique clothing - Ready-made women's wash suits from 1890

Ready-made white suits: Dresses for women in the 1890s

White lawn suit, skirt with two rows of embroidery on front and sides, straight back, waist trimmed to correspond.

“Coquette,” our newest imported design, all embroidered suit, fancy shawl front and high puffed sleeves, trimmed with rich moire ribbon.

Fine embroidered suit, two ruffles all around skirt, embroidered waist, with fancy sleeves.

Antique clothing - Ready-made women's white suits from 1890

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6 antique Victorian outfits for women (spring/summer 1890)

Calling dress of cashmere, trimmed with Persian brocaded silk in all popular shades.

Young ladies’ straw toque, to match any costume, stylish Alsatian bow of ribbon 

Latest style English riding habit, tailor-made, skirt longer on one side, waist similar to men’s vest, bound with braid or stitched all around.

Fashionable costume of brilliantine, skirt plaited in front, trimmed with velvet ribbon, waist made to correspond, black only .

Elegant afternoon toilette costume, of albatross cloth, sides of skirt covered with fishnet, trimmed with ribbon, waist made to correspond, in light shades. 

Seaside or mountain dress of flannel, waist with Fedora front, of lighter shade, and tight-fitting back, plain skirt with a lighter shade of flannel set under the plaits.

Ladies’ fancy straw poke hat, for seaside or mountain wear, faced with lace, trimmed with handsome spray of flowers $4.50, 5 60

Visiting costume of cashmere, skirt plaited at the side, and trimmed with silk, waist shirred at the neck, forming V in front, all colors,

Young ladies’ round hat of fancy straw or lace, handsomely trimmed with spray of flowers and lace.


Antique women's clothing from 1890

For cooler weather: Wraps, cloaks and circulars

Plush in rich qualities is largely used for wraps this season. There are beautifully figured plushes on blush in ball wraps and other set designs.

These are shown chiefly in black and the darkest shades of brown and blue, rather than in more pronounced colors.

Matalasse goods are also shown in black, colors, shades of colors, and Persian effects. They are made up into comfortable long coats or Russian circulars, with trimming of fur or moss trimming of sewing silk, and linings of satin or corded silk.

Antique capes from 1890

Evening wraps are especially gorgeous this season with color and embroidery. There are short jeweled Henri Trois clocks, which are caps with high shoulders and flaring Medici collar embroidered in gold and Parisian gems.

There are many luxurious long cloaks lined with white Mandarin lamb in the circular shape, which are so easy to put off and on, and do not crush a handsome dress beneath them. Some of these circulars are made of heavy royale armure silk, others are of white and gold brocade.

All white cloaks of heavy silk are liked with the high, large collars of Mandarin lamb at the throat, and extending down the front, forming their only trimming.

Winter clothing women fashion 1890s

Colors for the season

There are a few distinctively new shades in evening silk. Jewel colors, turquoise blue, amethystine purples, sapphire blue, topaz yellow, are all evening colors.

Ficelle, or natural flax color, is a popular gray huge, and vizier, a dull shade of purple copies from the royal robes of the Oriental Minister of State, is another color.

The bluest blues shown in silk this season are the same as the cornflower blues of a few years since, and are a strong, pronounced, and trying color, but one always producing a striking effect combined with coquelicot or poppy reds.

It has been the aim of dressmakers to secure colors that will produce the most brilliant and beautiful effects when embroidered with the gold and jeweled work on the season.

All varieties of Parisian gems, topaz, turquoise, sapphires, opals, and emeralds are used in these embroideries on mousseline de soie or fine Brussels net, which is used to veil silk in colors harmonizing with the gems.

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Antique Victorian Jersey Waists - womenswear

Victorian’s women’s clothing styles for fall/winter of 1890-1891

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (6)

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (5)

Victorian fashions shown below: English seal plush wraps, and other seal plush wraps

English seal plush wraps, and other seal plush wraps - vintage clothes from fall winter 1890

Antique women’s clothing from 1890: Stylish English seal plush wraps

Clothing for women - Stylish English seal plush wraps 1890

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (4)

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (2)

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (3)

Victorian clothes shown below: Imported wrap of fine beaver cloth, Handsome beaver cloth wrap, Elegant cloth wrap, Stylish Berlin beaver cloth wrap, Berlin cloth wrap

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (9)

antique women's clothing from 1890

Victorian fashions shown below: Stylish Newmarket in English beaver cloth, Very pretty Newmarket, Imported beaver cloth Newmarket, New design in French beaver cloth, English Newmarket

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (11)

Victorian fashions shown below: Sicilian silk circular, Hamster fur-lined circular with Sicilian silk covering, Fine Ottoman silk circular lined with muskrat, Ottoman silk circular with squirrel lining, Handsome Sicilian silk circular with Siberian squirrel lining

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Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (11)

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (12)

Victorian fashions shown below: Fine grosgrain silk suit, Stylish suit of fine gros grain silk, Elegant costume of fine gros grain silk, Pretty costume of gros grain silk, Handsome costume of fine quality grosgrain silk

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (15)

Victorian clothes shown below: Pretty cashmere suit, Pretty serge cloth suit, One of the leading styles in a fine cashmere suit, Stylish suit of ladies’ cloth, Handsome suit of fine cashmere

Victorian antique women's clothing from 1890

Clothing for women - fashion from fall winter 1890 (1)

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