1980s beauty makeovers: Before and after new hair & makeup (1982)

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1980s beauty makeovers Before and after new hair and makeup (1982)

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Great cut that won’t quit!

Perfect for Judy Baer, an exercise instructor — or anyone who’s active. It holds its own all day, converts in minutes to a glamorous evening look. Her new makeup’s just as easy.

Judy before: Her hair was too full for her face, especially at cheek level.

Judy, after a feather cut – and an exercise class! We showed her how to dazzle for evening, with simple fluff-out styling, dramatic eye makeup.

Eighties beauty makeover haircut that won't quit (1982)

Great performance!

That’s what Nancy Daniels, an actress, wanted in a hairstyle — she races to and from auditions, acting classes, and temporary office jobs in between — so we gave her a short, feathery, no-set cut that practically takes care of itself!

We changed her hair color, too, from a dull brown to a soft red, toned with tortoise shell.

Because of her “redhead” features — light green eyes and a fair complexion — Nancy had considered making the switch and loves the results. The new color instantly lights up her striking good looks.

So does the fresh makeup: heathery shade on eyes, rose and berry on cheeks, lips.

Nancy before: Hair was fine, split, unmanageable. New cut, color, gave her look dramatic dash.

Eighties beauty makeover before and after from 1982

3 steps to sensational!

When Donna Famularo, a secretary, told us she wanted a more sophisticated look, we saw what she needed: shorter hair, wavy and full, swept back to show off her lovely eyes.

But her hair lacked the body needed for the new styling. The answer: a layer cut, followed by a new-way perm, both designed to add natural-look body and wave (we tell you how). Step 3: lively new makeup.

Donna before: Her hair was too long, limp, her makeup too minimal to bring out her pretty eyes, complexion.

Retro 1980s before and after beauty makeover - Hair and makeup

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