How many of these popular ’60s toys do you remember?

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How to give a preschooler something fun to do. And something fun to learn. (1966)

The Mattel-O-Phone talks, teaches, and works like real. The voice actually comes out of the receiver, like a real telephone. Youngsters can choose private conversations with 40 different characters, from Kit Carson to the Man in the Moon. And all this telephone talk is an especially happy way to stimulate a child’s vocabulary.

See ‘N Say toys teach children about animals, sounds, the alphabet, and time. The Farmer Says helps children identify animals, by their pictures and the sounds they make. Mr. SoundSays. teaches the way things sound, like jet airplanes and typewriters. The Bee Says teach the alphabet. The Clock Says helps children learn to tell time.

Vintage toys from November 1967 - Mattel (7)

Wherever you take the kids, the kids can take Go-Play… Go-Play cases are packed with things to keep pre-schoolers busy. In Go-Play Travel Fun, there’s a steering wheel. dashboard, plus toy trains, cars. boats, and a self-contained area for playing with them. In Go-Play House Fun. there’s a clock, jigsaw puzzle, and a lot more.

It’s an old idea that’s new to every child. Children love music and surprises. That’s why Jack-In-The-Music-Boxes have been around so long. (We’ve more than 15 million, and learned how to make them stand up to the kind of happy punishment youngsters can dish out.)

Vintage toys from the 1960s - Mattel Christmas gifts (3)

Tiny dolls are cute, but they’re nothing new. Except for our nine Liddle Kiddles. Here’s what’s new about them: each tiny doll has a personality all its own. Each one has arms and legs that really bend. and hair that little girls can brush and comb.

Each one comes with a Liddle Kiddles story book. And finally, each Liddle Kiddle comes with a toy that really works. (For example, Liddle Diddle has her own crib. And the sides really do slide up and down.) All of this is why the Liddle Kiddles are something new. They’re part of a whole tiny world. A child’s world of imagination. We feel that’s a pretty nice thing.

The Liddle Kiddies Klub (left) is another of our new kind of doll houses big enough for all the Liddle Kiddies. We also have a Kiddle Kottage (above), just the right size for one Liddle Kiddie.

Vintage toys from November 1967 - Mattel (6)

When Baby Teenietalk talks, her lips move. When Baby Secret whispers, her lips move, too. (But softly.)

No one has ever made dolls with moving lips before. That’s part of the reason these dolls are so much fun. But what they say is important, too. Baby Teenietalk is the kind of doll little girls love to take care of, especially when she asks things like “Mommy, will you rock me to sleep?”

And Baby Secret really does whisper secrets. (Remember when were small? Was there anything more fun than keeping secrets?) Which do we think is better? Whichever one your little girl will love most.

Vintage toys from the 1960s - Mattel Christmas gifts (4)

One thing about our games: if you play with your kids, you’ll probably lose.

In Flea Circus, it takes split-second timing and coordination to make tiny magnetic fleas perform daring circus tricks.

In Super Magnetel, it takes a steady hand to aim and shoot the magnetic discs in any of ten different games.

Our third new game is Sprint. It’s the game that brings the excitement of the drag strip to the game board.)

These are all games of skill, action and fun. That’s why they can keep youngsters busy for hours.

It’s a lathe, a drill, a sander, a saw, and a miracle: our Power Shop cuts real wood, but not real fingers.

As far as we’re concerned, it is a miracle. Our Power Shop is completely safe, but still more than a toy. It’s four different tools in one, so boys can make things worth making, out of real wood. They can learn all about working with wood, and have a lot of fun besides. One more thing: when you get your boy a Power Shop, get ready to replace your spice rack with the one he makes for you. The same goes for dad’s pipe rack.

If you’ve ever watched Barbie help a little girl grow up, you know why she’s our most famous doll.

With Barbie a little girl can experiment with fashions. to see what color shoes go with a red and white gown. She can make a dress for Barbie without sewing. She can even create hair styles for new Color Magic Barbie. With Barbie, there’s an endless opportunity for a little girl to learn. and have fun. That’s how Barbie and her friends have helped more than 20 million little girls grow and be happy.

Girls flip over the new “mod” London look. So does our new Francie: Francie is Barbie’s fifteen-year-old cousin. Like most girls her age, she loves to wear stripes, paisley prints, London lace and granny gowns. (And our bending leg Francie even has real eyelashes.) Francie is very real to girls who’ll be fifteen someday, too. That’s why she’s so much fun.

Because little girls asked, we gave Barbie a tiny sister. Her name is Tutti. Tutti is only six inches tall. She has hair that girls can comb, and she can pose like a real little girl. She even comes in special play sets. with costumes and her own tiny toys. (And she has a twin brother. Todd They come together in a twin play set.)

The perfect doll house: nothing to put together, nothing to lose, and your daughter can take it wherever she goes. Tutti’s Playhouse is actually a vinyl suitcase, complete with lots of built-in furniture. Open, it’s perfect for playing. Closed, it’s perfect for storing dolls and costumes. It’s a completely new kind of doll house.

Vintage toys from the 1960s - Mattel Christmas gifts (5)

Barbie and beyond: Vintage Barbie & Ken dolls, friends, dollhouses, accessories and fashions from the '60s, '70s & '80s

Our walking doll has learned how to talk. (And roller-skate, too.)

Last year, more than a million little girls received one of our Baby First Step dolls and fell in love with her. Now Baby First Step is even more captivating. Because she’s learned to talk while she walks. And it’s pretty amazing to watch her scoot along on her roller-skates. Like any youngster, she teeters and totters. But little girls think it’s nice when Baby First Step needs their help. Because that’s what a mother is for.

How to give your child a comedian of his own.

We make talking comedians in the shape of hand puppets, rag dolls, plush dolls, stuffed dolls. Like Patootie, our happy clown with the sad mask. Or Tom and Jerry, who talk and tease each other. Or Bernie Bernard, our lovable (but slightly lost) St Bernard. There’s bound to be one your youngster love to laugh with.

This new Winchester Crrackfire captures the authentic sound of the old West, without caps. When boys squeeze the trigger of our Winchester Crrackfire, they hear the sharp crack of firing, fol-lowed by the whine of a ricochet. And this new toy rifle is authentic in looks, too. It’s an accurate copy of the famous Winchester that won the West before cities and suburbs dotted the plains.

The X-15 is not a trike. It’s something more. Trikes can tip over. The X-I5 can’t. Trikes have handlebars. The X-I5 steers with a control stick. What’s more. on the X-I5 the two rear wheels steer the vehicle. And in a turn, the X-I5 banks like an airplane. More than a trike? Yes. And more fun. too.

Vintage toys from the 1960s - Mattel Christmas gifts (2)

Vintage toys from November 1967 - Mattel (5)

You’ve just seen many of our new toys. We’ve worked hard to make each one creative, imaginative, and fun. So we hope you agree with what youngsters have been saying for years: “You can tell it’s Mattel, it’s swell.”

Because boys were born to build and learn, Mattel makes TOG’L

LIFE Nov 7, 1969 Mattel toys 4

LIFE Nov 7, 1969 Mattel toys 5

Because boys have always “landed on the moon,” Mattel makes THE WORLD OF SPACE

Major Matt Mason and his team of astronauts explore the moon.

1. Doug Davis in the transparent Space Power Suit mines the surface. 

2. Jeff Long in his Reconojet flies overhead scanning the terrain.

3. The powerful Uni-Tred shifts gear automatically to climb the rugged surface. Gyro Space Bubble protects astronauts from harmful rays.

4. Multi-footed Space Crawler tracks over the moon craters.

5. Spt. Storm uses Supernaut Power-Limbs to collect samples. 

6. XRG-7 Reentry Glider launches astronauts into space.

7. Callisto, the mysterious green alien from Jupiter, tests the atmosphere with his Space Sensor. 

8. The Space Station is the astronauts’ tri-level space headquarters. Has a Flashing “Radar Beam” and Central Control System.

9. Major Matt Mason supervises from his Space Sled.

Nov 14, 1969 Mattel space toys and cowboys

Nov 14, 1969 Vintage Mattel toys-001

One small step: Everything that happened the day man first walked on the moon in 1969

Vintage toys from November 1967 - Mattel (3)

Operation X-500 rocket launcher & defense base

Endless hours of fun with the most exciting toy ever made — the super-realistic “OPERATION X-S00.” Rockets & Missiles soar at the press of a button. Superstructure glides into position to change nose cones.

Set includes radar screen, helicopter, space men, scientists, and more! Engineered for perfect safety, easy handling — sure to thrill every child from 3 to 12. Another tremendous value in quality toys by DeLuxe — one of the world’s largest toymakers.

LIFE Oct 17, 1960 Operation X-500 vintage toy rocket launcher

Oct 17, 1960 Operation X-500 vintage toy rocket launcher

Because he’d like to operate his own factory, Mattel makes the INJECTOR featuring THE WESTERN WORLD

Round up a roomful of cowboys, Indians, and horses. Ready? Open Injector chamber. Load Plastix. Align mold. Activate Injector. Now, open mold. Snap parts together. And look… real action figures. Beautifully detailed in solid plastic. Designed to twist and pose any way you want. Enjoy the fun of creating endless wild west adventures.

Nov 14, 1969 Vintage Mattel toys

Nov 14, 1969 Mattel space toys and cowboys-001

Because boys want a model to look like the real thing, Mattel’s MONOGRAM makes authentic models

Nov 14, 1969 Mattel toys

Because it’s fun to have “in” things, MONOGRAM makes “way out” models

LIFE Nov 7, 1969 Mattel toys 2

Join the Young Model Builders Club (1967)

Because boys are curious about things big and small, Mattel makes SUPER-EYES

It’s a telescope / It’s a magnifying Snooperscope that “makes you 10 feet tall” / It’s an 80X microscope

LIFE Nov 7, 1969 Mattel toys 3

You’ve never seen anything like this before: Show’N Tell

It’s General Electric’s new Show’N Tell, a home entertainment center for children

General Electric Show N Tell - record player and TV - Toys from 1965

Bring home all kicks of racing this Christmas with a Revell race set

LIFE Dec 1, 1967 - Toys - Revell banked raceway for cars

Vintage toys – Switch N Go road racing set from 1966

Vintage toys - Switch N Go road racing set from 1966

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