Egg sauce recipe

Put a heaping teaspoonful of butter in a stew pan and place over the fire. When it begins to bubble, stir in two tablespoonfuls of flour. When well blended, add a pint or hot milk and two hard-boiled eggs, sliced or minced. Season.

Mushroom patties

Have the patty shells of rich puff paste ready and fill with the mixture of mushrooms, made as follows: Put some canned mushrooms (drained and washed) into a stew pan with a teaspoonful of butter and a little rich cream. Mince them, add seasoning and dredge lightly with flour. When very hot, remove, and stir in the beaten yolk of an egg.

Potato snow

Prepare the potatoes and let stand for several hours in cold water. Cook in boiling salted water until tender. Drain well and press through a colander into a deep dish. Let them lie as they fall. Put in the baker until very hot, but do not let them brown.

Minced cabbage recipe

Trim the cabbage, quarter and throw into salted water and let lie for 20 minutes. Then mince fine, cover with boiling water and cook until tender. Drain, and season with butter, salt and pepper. Add a little cream, and toss the cabbage about until very hot.

Creamed tomatoes recipe

Stew one quart of tomatoes until quite smooth. Strain, season with salt, pepper, butter and a pinch of sugar. Put into a cupful of rich cream a tablespoonful of flour. Mix well and add to the tomatoes. Simmer fora few minutes and pour over small squares or rounds of evenly-browned toast.

Sweet potato croquettes

To one pint of hot mashed potatoes, add two tablespoonfuls of butter, one-hair cup ful of hot milk, the beaten yolk or one egg and a level teaspoonful of salt. When cold, shape as desired, islate with beaten eir, roll in bread crumbs and fry in hot drippings. The croquettes should be submerged in the dripping. They should brown in a minute, and this they will be if the fat is smoking hot.

Mayonnaise of beets

Boil some beets until tender. Throw into cold water, and when quite cool, rub off the skins and scoop them out into small balls with a vegetable cutter. Serve on a bed of lettuce and mayonnaise, leaving the tops of the balls free from the dressing; this for effect.

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Notes: A Christmas Dinner, by Ellice Serena

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