Scenes from WarGames (1983)

  David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) and Jennifer Mack (Ally Sheedy)   Booking two airline tickets to Paris   Shall we play a game?   David

Movie review: Anything Goes (1956)

The reel dope: Anything Goes “Anything Goes” is the Cole Porter musical revisited 20 years later by Bing Crosby — this time with Donald O’Connor, Jeanmaire,

Disney’s Old Yeller (1958)

Old Yeller movie “Old Yeller” is mostly for the older youngsters. In it Walt Disney’s latest “live” hero is an “ugly lop-eared mongrel,” played by

Champagne for Caesar (1950)

Champagne for Caesar Ronald Colman loves Celeste Holm in Champagne for Caesar — the bubbliest, frothiest, tickliest comedy!

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