“For some reason, I like Post cereals twice as much as everybody else does.”

Doctor Dolittle, Pushmi-Pullyu & friends like Post cereals twice as much (1968)

Doctor Dolittle and his friends agree!

“Start your day a little bit better with Post cereals!”

Nothing like ’em for getting mornings off to a crisp, crunchy, sunny start.

And remember: If you go for cereal variety along with early-morning vim and vigor, there are 18 delicious, delectable Post cereals to choose from. Post makes the tastiest concoctions out of wholesome corn, wheat, rice and oats. And you’ll find your favorite at your favorite store.

Right, Dr Dolittle? Right, Pushmi-Pullyu?

Ad features Rex Hamilton, as seen in the 1967 movie Doctor Dolittle

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