17 wedding flower arrangements & bouquets (1916)

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The wedding flowers

Nowhere in the realm of floral art is there anything that calls for more skill, more experience and resourcefulness than “The Wedding.” There is an irresistible charm, a fascination about it, in which the flowers play a leading role. Mere sentiment does not enter into the choosing of wedding flowers. Briefly speaking, they must be correct.

This booklet forecasts the mode in wedding decorations, and all flowers carried or worn by the bridal party. Our decorative department is adequately equipped for large or small decorations. The style in decorating no longer calls for heavy banked effects, but rather that which heightens and enhances an already beautiful interior.

Our bridal bouquets are in themselves wonderful creations. Our style is distinctive and each bunch is designed especially for the one who carries it. The bride’s shower bouquet has many variations. In all of them, the lines are equally good. In general effect, they are light and graceful. They conform and never detract. They have the charm of personality.

The bridesmaids, maid of honor and flower girls furnish the color symphony. They are the setting, of which the bride is the jewel. It is well to consult us early regarding the color scheme. It is all important. A small sample of the dress goods will aid us in suggesting the proper flowers available.

Vintage wedding dress lookbook

It is never advisable to leave the ordering of wedding flowers until the “eleventh hour.” Let us help you in early planning. Of course, we are prepared for any emergency, but time and forethought always bring out the finest detail.

Please note that some flowers used in our floral designs and decorations are at certain periods of the year out of season; however, similar effects in form and color can always be obtained through the use of other flowers.

17 vintage wedding bouquets & other floral arrangements

The rose bouquet, with cluster of valley lilies (Lilies of the Valley) and shower, is always a favorite.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1921

This beautiful creation is the masterpiece in bride’s bouquets. The super style is a classic.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1917

A graceful arrangement of carnations is most pleasing. In a similar bouquet for the bridesmaid, the lilies of the valley are omitted.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1920

This arrangement is of the loose, or open style, and is very dainty and artistic.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1919

There are wonderful possibilities in the single-petaled daisy. This bouquet is effective for June weddings.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1924

For those who wish to carry roses, this style is modest in effect and price.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1923

Radiant with the glistening white of the gardenias, this charming shower bunch is rich and showy without being overdone.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1922

Sweet peas lend themselves so well that we suggest their use for the entire bridal party.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1918

The quaint “old fashioned” is ever popular for both the bride and her attendants.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1930

The bridal muff is dainty and fascinating. Note the graceful lines of the shower.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1929

Bride’s bouquet of Lily of the Valley with a small cluster of orchids, often made of Valley alone, and very charming at that.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1928

Orchids and Valley Lilies are always in good form for the corsage.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1927

The bridal corsage is correct for the informal wedding. Narrow ribbons, with suggestions of the shower, can be added if desired.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1926

A dainty, small basket filled with half-open pink roses with a cluster of mignon roses on the handle, is carried by the flower girl.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1925

We must not forget the boutonnieres for the gentlemen. Correctness demands that nothing be omitted.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1931

The house wedding decoration, with every appointment, is showy and inexpensive.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1916

Inspiring is this wonderful church decoration symphony in green and white. The vista of Cibotium ferns is beautiful beyond description. Palms would be equally effective.

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets 1932

Vintage wedding dress lookbook

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