4 festive Halloween party table decorations & menu plans (1912)

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Vintage Halloween party table decorations

The Halloween party table – Winnifred Fales shows how to entertain twelve persons at small cost

In planning these inexpensive Halloween parties, the prices have been estimated to cover the materials for decorating, the favors and the food served.

Halloween party table decorations: The Witch Table

In the center of the table is the mystical figure known as Solomon’s Seal, cut from cardboard, with a taper burning at each point. Upon this figure stands a triad supporting a black cauldron above a “fire” of twigs.

Concealed in the cauldron — from which rises a cloud of “steam” — the new curled wool used on Christmas trees — are walnut shells containing humorous “fortunes.” These are tied with narrow orange ribbons, which extend to the various places, where they are fastened to toy insects, lizards, frogs, etc.

Around the centerpiece is a ring of grotesque paper witches, and the tablecloth is decorated with weird figures performing incantations over caldrons from which grinning specters rise.

Vintage Halloween party decorations -The Witch Table

Food and drink for this Halloween party menu

GHOSTLY DOSE (Cream of celery soup served in witch cauldrons made by covering custard cups with black crépe paper and adding wire handles)

SAND WITCHES (Rolled bread and butter sandwiches)

MAGIC RINGS AND FAIRY UMBRELLAS (Filet of beef served in circular slices with mushrooms)

DRIFTED SNOW (Riced potato)

BLOSSOMS IN DISGUISE (Creamed cauliflower au gratin)

SORCERER’S SURPRISE (Mixed vegetable salad served in green peppers)

HOCUS POCUS (Pineapple trifle with whipped cream)


Halloween party table decorations: Pumpkin blossom table

To the attractiveness of the paper Hallowe’en tablecloth, and the Jack-o’-lantern paper plates, shown, is added a running pumpkin vine — and out of tissue pumpkin blossoms, the candles rise.

The favors are jaunty little figures with pumpkin faces and tendril arms, dressed in pumpkin blossoms and carrying tiny baskets filled with salted almonds.

Vintage Halloween party decorations - Pumpkin blossom table

Food and drink for this Halloween party menu

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NIGHTMARE (Welsh rabbit)

JACK O’LANTERNS (Waldorf salad in apple shells with boogie faces carved on one side)

SPINSTER’S THIMBLES (Hot thimble-shaped biscuits)

BROWNIES (Gingerbread cookies)


Halloween party table decorations: Silhouette Table

Solemnly circling around a diminutive box tree hung with Jack-o’-lanterns are seven sable owls (seven being a magic number) with staring yellow eyes. Around the edge of the table, as favors, are ranged a procession of taper holders in the form of black witch cats. A flight of bats hangs from the chandelier.

Vintage Halloween party decorations-Silhouette table

Food and drink for this Halloween party menu

ASTROLOGER’S BROTH (Bouillon containing carrots cut in the forms of stars, crescents, triangles, etc.)

FAIRY WANDS (Breadsticks)

MYSTERIES (Chicken patties)


HOBGOBLIN SALAD (Individual fruit salads decorated with goblin heads on toothpicks)

TALISMANS (Cakes cut out in symbolic forms, as shamrocks, horseshoes, etc.)

OWLS’ NESTS (Ice cream formed into nests containing peanut owls)

FORTUNE CUPS (Tea containing a few grounds for telling fortunes)

The crepe paper vegetable mask adds a grotesque touch to the masquerade costume.

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Halloween party table decorations: Pumpkin and Vegetable Table

Hung from the chandelier are trailing wisps of gray crepe-paper fringe, representing Florida moss, and a number of grotesque vegetable lanterns. Beneath, in the center of the table, is a vegetable figure rising from the heart of a huge lettuce. Smaller heads of lettuce are heaped with miniature waxed vegetables containing “fortunes.”

The place-cards are held by pumpkin men painted in water-colors. Candy boxes representing absurd little vegetable figures form the favors. Around the edge of the table are Jack-o’-lanterns cut from decorated crepe paper.

Vintage Halloween party table decorations - Pumpkin and vegetable table

Food and drink for this Halloween party menu

DEMON’S DRAUGHT (Cream of spinach)

PIGEON WINGS AND CAPERS (Squab on toast, with caper sauce)

PUFF BALLS (Potato puffs)

MAGIC MOLDS (Molded tomato jelly in lettuce cups with mayonnaise)

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CONJURER’S CAKES (Small fancy cakes with the signs of the zodiac drawn on the icing)

MOONSHINE (This is the regular name of a delicious dessert)


Vintage Halloween party decorations from c1912

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