Tiger Beat magazine covers from the 1970s

Tiger Beat (August 1971)

  • Giant David [Cassidy] wall-size-loving color poster! Fill your room! Biggest size ever!
  • Sizzling secrets about Bobby’s TV show!
  • Meet the new Osmonds!
  • David cries: “They won’t let me near you!” Intimate on-tour fax & fotos
  • Susan Dey’s pet friends



Tiger Beat (April 1972)

  • Super Donny [Osmond] issue! “Be my date for my brother’s wedding!”
  • David [Cassidy] reveals his new loves – plans – dreams… plus 2 kiss-kiss color pin-ups!
  • Exclusive! Chris Knight intimates



Tiger Beat (September 1975)

  • Belong to Tony! Super contest! Fly to Hollywood!
  • Cher’s life before and after Sonny
  • Mike Gibbons: They Heywood’s REAL hero!
  • Also Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Freddie Prinze, Leif Garrett



Tiger Beat magazine cover (December 1976)

  • Donny & Marie: Too busy for Love?
  • John Travolta: Exclusive personal column by his sister!
  • Help Leif save his dogs!
  • Rollers: Are they telling the truth about themselves?
  • Plus: Starsky & Hutch, Lindsay, Robby, Tony, Caper Kids!



Vintage Tiger Beat magazine cover (January 1977)

  • Getting hooked on ROBBY [Benson]: It’s easy — & terrific!
  • Leif: His fans are forever!
  • Donny & Marie: Parents like them — should you?
  • Paul Glaser’s tender side.
  • Captain & Tennille: Really in love!



Tiger Beat Super Special (1977)

  • Farrah, Marie, Pamela Sue: Girl superstars! What makes them so special?!
  • Super contest! Meet Shaun [Cassidy] & Parker [Stevenson] in Hollywood!
  • Shaun’s love life: 1st kiss! 1st date! Going steady! Marriage plans!
  • And Robby, Keanes, Charlie’s Angels, Willie, Lenny, More!
Make a little Christmas tree! Create festivity on a small scale (1977)



Tiger Beat (December 1978)

  • Battlestar: 1001 facts to make you starry-eyes over Richard & Dirk!
  • Rollers: Is Saturday Morning as popular as “Saturday Night”?
  • Erik’s special love words… he’ll teach them to you
  • Scott [Baio’s] private room — peek inside!
  • Shaun: The night his mother cried over him.



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