Battlestar Galactica intro (1978)

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Considering it spawned two revival series, a movie, books and comic books, it’s hard to believe that Battlestar Galactica had such a humble beginning — it ran for only one season of 24 episodes on ABC, from 1978 to 1979. While he no doubt hoped for a little more success in the original run, no doubt series creator Glen A Larson — the man behind Magnum, PI and Knight Rider, among others — is happy with the longevity his creation has achieved.

The show tells the story of the last surviving fleet of the Twelve Colonies Of Mankind, wiped out in a thousand year war with the warrior robot Cylons, and their quest to find the long-lost thirteenth tribe of humanity on a planet thought to exist only in legend — Earth. Despite their near total victory, the Cylons continued to pursue the humans in an attempt to completely eradicate the species.

Starring Lorne Greene as the commander of the Galactica, along with Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict and others, the show was initially a ratings success — so much so that CBS actually countered by rescheduling All in the Family and Alice an hour earlier to compete with the show.

By the end of the first season, the show was canceled by ABC for reasons that were never entirely clear — but not before “frack” and “Cylon” had become household words among its dedicated fan base. – AJW

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Battlestar Galactica intro

In the seventh millenium of time, a tribe of humanoids engaged in a terrifying conflict against a race of machines. The humans lost. Now, led by their last surviving warship, the mighty Battlestar Galactica, a handful of survivors moves slowly across the heavens in search of their ancestral brothers. A tribe of humans known through ancient records to be located somewhere, on a distant, shining planet — a planet called Earth.

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