The Sunshine Family idea

Things to do and things to make, Sunshine Family style

This unique idea starts with our wholesome family of back-to-nature dolls. Mommy and daddy and their little baby. Neighborly folks. With homey family activities for your child to share.

But there’s a lot more to The Sunshine Family idea! Because each family of dolls and each Sunshine Family accessory comes with its own things-to-make Idea Book. Special little craft playbooks that show your child how to make a world of realistic things for her Sunshine Family dolls, just by using everyday odds and ends she’ll find around the house.

There are a lot of different Idea Books. And each one will spark hours of creative play for your child. She’ll discover the fun of making things for The Sunshine Family grandparents. And for their pets. And all kinds of handmade craft items to fill up the family Craft Store, too.

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Then, day by day, she’ll be creating a world of her own, Sunshine Family-style. And that’s the whole, big, beautiful idea!

The Sunshine Family from Mattel

sunshine-family-doll-set-vintage-ad-1976 (1)


Introducing a whole new world of sunshine!

Say hello to The Sunshine Family. A unique new family of dolls whose world your children can share and create.

sunshine-family-doll-set-vintage-ad-1976 (3)


Sunshine meets potato chips

This Christmas, Lay’s can make The Sunshine Family part of your Family

Get a $1.00 refund coupon for The Sunshine Family dolls when you buy Lay’s Potato Chips.

sunshine-family-doll-set-vintage-ad-1976 (2)


Mattel Sunshine Family Pets & Their World set

TV commercial from 1975

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