On the way to achieving today’s super-simple, one-piece pregnancy tests that give results in two or three minutes, women needed to spend many years playing amateur chemist with test tubes, then waiting a very tense two hours for a result (assuming they performed the test perfectly). Here a look back at the evolution of home pregnancy tests!

EPT (Early Pregnancy Test): March 1978

The EPT In-Home Early Pregnancy Test is a private little revolution any woman can easily buy at her drugstore. It is highly accurate… That means you can confidently do this easy pregnancy test yourself — privately — right at home without waiting for appointments or delays. (Results in two hours.)

home pregnancy tests

EPT: October 1979

e.p.t. is the only in-home pregnancy test proven accurate by more than a million women. (Results in two hours.)

home pregnancy tests

Daisy 2 pregnancy test kit: August 1982

No other pregnancy test gives you all this:

1 hour test time (most home tests require 2 hours).

A toll-free number so you can talk to our registered nurse to ask a question… get advice and counsel.

Our double-check system with 2 tests in every kit so you can reassure yourself as to the accuracy of your test result.

home pregnancy tests

First Response: November 1985

Am I pregnant? New First Response. The truth in 20 minutes.

New First Response Pregnancy Test is the most sensitive ever perfected. It’s based on breakthrough technology form the makers of Tampax tampons.

home pregnancy tests

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