Crazy, colorful retro kitchens from the 60s, with bright & bold decorator appliances

1960s kitchen decor with green oven and orange cabinets at ClickAmericana com

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WILD: Color invades the kitchen – Decorator appliances

It’s an exciting new trend in appliances — an idea that’s been growing by leaps and bounds ever since the first tame departure from clinical white to pale pastels and subdued browns.

All of this newly-unleashed color is part of a bigger trend toward more imaginative design in the kitchen. The thinking behind the trend is that since so much of your time is spent in the kitchen, and so much money is invested there, it ought to be at least as colorful and attractive as any other room in the house. And a wildly colorful kitchen might very well inspire you to some wildly creative cooking.

1969 Paisley kitchen appliances - Home decor at ClickAmericana com

So why not have a red dishwasher, a green refrigerator, a blue range? Then coordinate them with all the exciting new materials available now for floors, work surfaces and walls.

It goes without saying, of course, that this new color excitement is just one more wonderful feature of today’s appliances — a plus factor added to the marvelous performance you expect and deserve from them.

refrigerator colors

Above: Avocado-green refrigerator — part of General Electric’s colorful line of appliances.

Deep-blue electric range by Frigidaire. Refrigerators are available in matching color.

Right: Refrigerator / freezer by Philco, covered here in washable paper. Also faced with any of 150 durable plastic colors, patterns.

Below: Lavender porcelain finish for Gaffers & Sattler built-in oven and rotisserie in one of 10 available colors.

Right: Pennsylvania Dutch design decorates Kelvinator dishwasher. Matching refrigerator and range available (and other designs).

Amana refrigerator / freezer, faced in striped plastic. Other facings include washable coated fabric with wall covering to match.

Black gas range by Crown. Their full line of ranges comes in nine different colors.

Decorator appliances

Colorful retro kitchens with Amana: First in decorator refrigerators (1966)

Gives you a choice of 329 colorful designs

Only Amana can give you this exciting new custom look in your choice of 329 designs. All in a wide range of models and sizes. Decorator designs, fitted to the model you prefer, tie-in with kitchen plans, your colors as no other refrigerator-freezer can. Change designs any time you wish. Even go back to white.

Bold & brightly-colored kitchen sinks (’60s & ’70s)

And you can have your new Amana any day you say. Decide on an Amana refrigerator — with freezer at the bottom or our new side-by-side that puts freezer alongside the refrigerator. See both (and the Decorator Book that shows all 329 designs) at your Amana dealers, or write for free literature.

Refrigerator colors retro kitchen

Amana fridge designs from 1965

Introducing: The invisible refrigerator (1967)

From Amana comes the refrigerator that lets you play house. Down with dullsville in the kitchen. Breakfast with color each morning, thanks to Amana. Because only Amana offers a choice fo 329 decorator panels with side-by-side or freezer-at-the-bottom style refrigerators.

Introducing: The invisible refrigerator (1967)

Retro 60s Amana refrigerator for the kitchen

Go oh-so-retro and wallpaper your ceiling like they did in the ’70s

Colorful retro kitchens: A space-age teak-look refrigerator from Frigidaire

Frigidaire wood pattern refrigerators kitchen - Space Age

The ’60s retro kitchen: Black & white & red all over

Wild black and white kitchen and appliances 1968

Funky & fancy fridge designs for colorful retro kitchens, from Kelvinator (1964)

Kelvinator 1964 kitchen appliances and refrigerators (1)

Kelvinator 1964 kitchen appliances and refrigerators (2)

Refrigerator decorated for Christmas

Refrigerator decorated for Christmas at ClickAmericana com

Colorful kitchen with wood-clad appliances

Colorful kitchen with wood-clad appliances at ClickAmericana com

Green oven and pink cabinetry – 60s kitchen

Green oven and pink cabinetry - 60s kitchen decorating at ClickAmericana com

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