Who is Suzy Homemaker? (1966)

Who is Suzy Homemaker?

She’s every little girl who wants to be just like her mother. That’s why all the Suzy Homemaker appliances look and work just like yours. They’re big and beautiful — and work like real. The Suzy Homemaker Oven bakes cakes big enough to serve six! Top burners really heat. And it’s completely safe! Oven door automatically locks when in use, and won’t open until oven cools. The exclusive new Topper Safety Plug protects against electrical shock.

The same kind of quality and care that goes into the Suzy Homemaker Oven is in all the Suzy Homemaker appliances. The Washer-Dryer really washes clothes with agitator action, jet spray and even spins dry! Th Vacuum Cleaner actually vacuums up dirt, comes complete with attachments. The Iron (with ironing board) has a jet spray sprinkler and it really heats! Completely safe with a red warning light and safety plug.

Never before could your little girl learn homemaking skills with appliances so big, so safe, so real! Every little girl wants Suzy Homemaker Appliances!


Suzy Homemaker is a square!

She doesn’t wear love beads. She wears shoes. She even washes regularly. She gets more fun about being a cook than a kook. She’d rather broil a hamburger or hot dogs on her Suzy Homemaker Super Grill or even cook a steak dinner for the family… Yes, your Suzy Homemaker is a square. And aren’t you glad.

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