Presidential physical fitness award (1968-1981)

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The Presidential Physical Fitness Award

This certificate was “Signed” by President Jimmy Carter sometime between 1977–1981, together with the patch below.




Kids are in school for 12 years. But most of them will never make a team. (1968)

Now there’s a new kind of team at school. The President’s All-America Team. And everybody’s got the chance to make it. Big guys have no advantage over little guys. Boys have no advantage over girls.

This is a test of all-around ability (not how good you are in one sport). Kids have to run, jump, sit-up, pull-up and throw a softball. Last year, 50,000 kids made the President’s All America Team.Tryouts are starting again in schools all over the country.

What can you do to help?

(1) You’ve already done something. Now you know a little bit about the program.

(2) Find out if your school participated last year. If not, you can write away for official application forms and other information to help you. Write: President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Washington, D.C.

(3) If you’re a physical education instructor, you can increase your students’ chances of making the President’s All America Team. Let them practice the seven basic exercises before the tryouts start.

(4) Encourage every student to get in shape and win the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Can your students snake the President’s All America Team? They’ll never know unless they try out.


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36 Responses

  1. I’d like to replace my stolen/lost awards. What information will you need me to provide you with in order to get them replaced and personalized.

  2. I received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award while serving in the US Army in 1987 at Fort Huachuca, AZ by the US Army Intelligence Center And School. Do you have record of this award? Also, I need to obtain another patch since my patch was destroyed while in storage. Your response will be gratefully appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Anglia Davis-Emmendorfer
    Leavenworth, Kansas

  3. all of my Presidential Physical Fitness Awards (certificates & patches) were lost(certificates) and the patches were blown away in a Tornado in Omaha Nebraska. How does one go about getting replacements?
    Pam Knox Higgins

  4. My presidential physical fitness awards are loss.Can you please replace .The year recieve approximately 1971-1975. Please reply.I would truly appreciate. These awards are dear to my heart and I remember working extremely hard for them.

    Thank you so much.

  5. I too won the presidential physical fitness award signed by Jimmy Carter although no longer can find them. I would love ANY HELP of obtaining another one along with a patch. Can you please help? Thank you so much!

  6. I also want to get replacement awards. I won them and they were lost or stolen. Please let me know if it’s possible to get them, thanks

  7. Does anyone remember how many pull ups a female had to do? I remember 50. I know it was 50 sit-ups, but I cannot remember any of the other requirements. Can anyone refresh my memory. Thanks very much!

    1. I won three award but I don’t remember all the requirements we had to do can u refresh my memory so I can share it with my grandkids thanks

  8. Terry R. Templin
    I received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award in 1967-68. I am now 58 years old and would love to replace this Award. Please notify me of how I may obtain information regarding this matter.

  9. Wondering if anybody remembers this. …back in the late 1960’s and early 70 there were the “Presidential” fitness tests. To earn that top patch was pretty tough to do—really tough actually…only 2 or three kids a year would earn it partaking in the gym class tests (ours were held using in the spring). But there were two other patches/certificates levels a kid could earn if he/she was a decent athlete. If I remember correctly the patch had a triangle enclosed in circle with silhouettes of two figures with their arms and legs spread like doing jumping jacks. I think the patches had embroidered print reading: “fitness usa aahper,” around its circumference and said “merit” within the inner circle. One featured a yellow/goldish color, and I think I remember it being called the “80th Percentile.” The other had a white background and was called the “50th Percentile” Does this ring a bell to anybody? Thanks!

  10. 1968, I was the first freshman to win first place Wilson h.s. hacienda heights. 60 sit up, push up, and more events. It was fun times

  11. I also won 7 patches and was told if you completed all 7 you would be invited to the white house! Long story and many years later. I won a Gold Medal at the Olympics and did not make it for that accomplishment either.

  12. Recalling this test and worked my ass off to get this award which I did in the 8th grade.
    over 8′ in the standing broad jump, 14 pull ups, 1:48 in the 600 yd run, 9.3 secs in the shuttle run, 180 ft in the softball throw (not great), and 7.2 secs in the 50 yd dash (also not great)..All that …and still didn’t impress the girl I had a huge crush on! Got a silver at the Junior Olympics for this. Averaged about 8′ 4″ in the standing long jump and was only 5’3″ tall at the time.

  13. Like everyone else in the forum, I would do anything to replace my two presidential awards from the 70s with patches… tell me what I have to do? thank you… Master J. Townsend Tremblay

  14. I remember busting my ass for this in the 7th grade, and our lazy teacher never submitted the info or whatever needed to be done – so we never got our awards! That really hurt for a 12 year old. You can’t imagine – seeing it advertised on TV (when there were only 3 and a half channels and NO way to record them), seeing the magazine ads for the program – and you were going to earn the award, too! Now, Nixon is dead, the program is long gone, and I have been pissed ever since. I’ve also developed a bad attitude towards athletics for going on 50 years. I helped get rid of it as a requirement in our school system. It’s nothing but a disappointment. Take that.

      1. I received mine as well when I was 12. I also lost it and would like to know how to replace it. It wasen’ Easy to get; that’s why I never forgot about it to this day I am very proud.

  15. I remember these things. All year long for P.E. we would play kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, then, for one week, we were all expected to do these physical fitness tests: push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, broad-jumps, softball throw, 50-yard-dash, etc. Most of us did horribly. Why didn’t they have us doing those exercises at least a few times a week throughout the year? A couple of days after the tests EVERYONE was sore and could hardly walk without limping. Poor planning on the school’s part.

  16. I received this award in 1981 and I was the only one in my school that had ever received it. I still have the patch and use this to teach my kids to give your all at any chance you get. I was not the most athletic kid in my school but, I had heart.

  17. I remember these so well I received this award 4 times in a row and was the only one in our school to achieve this. I still have 3 badges and the certificates that were signed by Richard Nixon (2) and re other by Lyndon Johnson some time over the years I have lost one of my badges .😢

  18. I was fortunate enough to pass the test all 5 years. My good friend at the time also passed it every year and we urged/coached each other along. The first 3 years, we were the only ones in school to pass the test (pull ups were by far the hardest segment those first 2 years). I remember crying that first year because our P.E teacher was very much “by the book” and questioned wether my chin cleared the bar 100% on my last rep. She reluctantly agreed- although by my hairless chinny-chin-chin. By 7th grade, more guys were passing and a few girls.
    I often wonder what percentage of children passed that test every year? I also felt that there should have been an additional award for those who passed every year. I was very proud of the fact at the time. I didn’t play any school sports, as I was busy practicing martial arts.
    I’m also exceptionally proud of my younger sister who went on to pass the test 5 times in her own right. Quite the accomplishment. Like many others here, I somehow lost my patches and certificates over the years. Too bad.

  19. Michael , July 28, 2018. Hello. I was an athlete for the 12 years I was in public school. I played football and baseball but I got tired of team sports. I began skateboarding, surfing and my love .motocross! I was fed up with the egos of team sports elite. My question is I received 6 or 7 presidential physical fitness awards and patches but I am not sure of exactly how many and what years they were awarded? How do I find this out? I received patches with the wrong numbers because I was told they did not have higher numbered patches, so I have patches1-5 and 2-#1’s and 2-#3’s and 2-#5’s. Please contact me with this information if possible. Thank you

  20. Good day. I don’t remember exactly how many patches I received, I think it was 7 or 8 but I am not sure. I remember a couple of years I was the only person in the school that received one. I believe I still hold the sit up record in elementary, middle and high school. 72 in one minute. I was wondering how I can document exactly how many I received and the years that I did. Thank you

  21. Rudi here. I remember this program so well. Won my patch spring 1968. Still on my gym suit. So proud. A non athlete so this was something 4 me. I really pushed myself. Randolph Jr High. No gym teacher pushing or helping me cause probably thought I’d never make it. Timed running the hardest. Only made it cause I knew if I could keep up with fastest girl n class I had a chance. 66 now & still so proud of that patch. Hard work & gym teacher was no push over. We pushed ourselves hard guys. Proud 2 be a member of this yeam.

  22. I was told when I graduated high school in ‘83 there were only a few who have ever done this 8 years in a row? But it was something a few looked forward to each year and trying to be better every time out! Sorry kids need the push to succeed and this was a great one!

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