The Presidential Physical Fitness Award

This certificate was “Signed” by President Jimmy Carter sometime between 1977–1981, together with the patch below.




Kids are in school for 12 years. But most of them will never make a team. (1968)

Now there’s a new kind of team at school. The President’s All-America Team. And everybody’s got the chance to make it. Big guys have no advantage over little guys. Boys have no advantage over girls.

This is a test of all-around ability (not how good you are in one sport). Kids have to run, jump, sit-up, pull-up and throw a softball. Last year, 50,000 kids made the President’s All America Team.Tryouts are starting again in schools all over the country.

What can you do to help?

(1) You’ve already done something. Now you know a little bit about the program.

(2) Find out if your school participated last year. If not, you can write away for official application forms and other information to help you. Write: President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Washington, D.C.

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(3) If you’re a physical education instructor, you can increase your students’ chances of making the President’s All America Team. Let them practice the seven basic exercises before the tryouts start.

(4) Encourage every student to get in shape and win the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Can your students snake the President’s All America Team? They’ll never know unless they try out.


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Source publication date: January 1968

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27 Responses

  1. Morton

    I remember busting my ass for this in the 7th grade, and our lazy teacher never submitted the info or whatever needed to be done – so we never got our awards! That really hurt for a 12 year old. You can’t imagine – seeing it advertised on TV (when there were only 3 and a half channels and NO way to record them), seeing the magazine ads for the program – and you were going to earn the award, too! Now, Nixon is dead, the program is long gone, and I have been pissed ever since. I’ve also developed a bad attitude towards athletics for going on 50 years. I helped get rid of it as a requirement in our school system. It’s nothing but a disappointment. Take that.

      • Dw

        I received mine as well when I was 12. I also lost it and would like to know how to replace it. It wasen’ Easy to get; that’s why I never forgot about it to this day I am very proud.

  2. Joyce C

    I remember these things. All year long for P.E. we would play kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, then, for one week, we were all expected to do these physical fitness tests: push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, broad-jumps, softball throw, 50-yard-dash, etc. Most of us did horribly. Why didn’t they have us doing those exercises at least a few times a week throughout the year? A couple of days after the tests EVERYONE was sore and could hardly walk without limping. Poor planning on the school’s part.

  3. William Johnson

    I received this award in 1981 and I was the only one in my school that had ever received it. I still have the patch and use this to teach my kids to give your all at any chance you get. I was not the most athletic kid in my school but, I had heart.

  4. Jackie martin

    I remember these so well I received this award 4 times in a row and was the only one in our school to achieve this. I still have 3 badges and the certificates that were signed by Richard Nixon (2) and re other by Lyndon Johnson some time over the years I have lost one of my badges .😢


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