Distinguished Lincoln Continentals from the mid-sixties

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Know the satisfaction of driving the Lincoln Continental (1965)



Lincoln Continental for 1966

Unmistakably new, yet unmistakably Continental

Lincoln Continental for 1966: unmistakably new, yet unmistakably Continental

With the newly-styled sedan and four-door convertible there is a new Lincoln Continental model for 1966: the Continental coupe, making America’s most distinguished motorcar available to more fine car buyers than ever before. Discover for yourself how close you may be to owning a Lincoln Continental.

One look tells you Continental styling is new, totally new from the dynamic front grille to the graceful contours of the rear design. And yet you know that this new styling is a contemporary expression of the continuing Continental look. All three new models are distinctively Lincoln Continental. Each is built to the highest standards in the world and tested more thoroughly than any other car.

Inside Continental, you will find increased spaciousness; more head room, more shoulder room, more trunk space. New reserves of power are yours to command in the Lincoln Continental. There is a new high-performance 462 cubic inch engine and an all-new transmission. Together, they provide an even smoother flow of power. In addition to an impressive list of standard equipment, Continental offers innovations in luxury options. For example, there is an all-new Stereo-Sonic Tape System/AM radio. Simply put in a cartridge and four-speaker stereo sound is yours. And there is the new temperature control system that automatically maintains the temperature you select, regardless of changes in the weather outside.

Come take a closer look at Continental for 1966. Accept your Continental dealer’s invitation to drive it, experience it, and to discover how easy it can be to own a Lincoln Continental.

Lincoln – America’s most distinguished motorcar.



The Continental life is a family affair (1966)



Time treats a Lincoln Continental gently (1966)

A Lincoln Continental today is very much a car of tomorrow. Its look will remain in style because Lincoln Continental is never changed for the sake of change. Its performance will stand the test of time because every Continental is built to the highest standards in the world and most stringently tested. This is why the previously owned and proudly cared for 1964 model, background above, is virtually as contemporary as the new coupe.

Your Lincoln Continental dealer will be pleased to explain why a Lincoln Continental is such a sound investment, why it retains its value year after year, and why both the new Continental and previously owned models are cars of substantial and lasting worth. Discover how close you may huts owning a Continental.

Lincoln – America’s most distinguished motorcar.



Enjoy the distinction of arriving in a Lincoln Continental (1965)



Discover the unique experience of owning a Lincoln Continental (1965)



Lincoln Continental distinguishes your way of life (1966)



The man of accomplishment knows there is only one Lincoln Continental (1965)

A Lincoln limousine customized for Mr Ernest S Marsh, President of the Santa Fe Railway System


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