Vintage Disneyland tickets: The A B C D E rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom (1959-1982)

Vintage Disney ticket books

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Remember Disneyland tickets (aka coupons)?

Starting when Disneyland opened in 1955, the huge theme park used a ticketing system, starting with A, B & C ticket tiers. Disneyland’s long-running five-ticket system — A, B, C, D & E — came into place in June 1959.

The most popular and/or newest rides were found on the E ticket, and you worked up the alphabet to the attractions less in demand. Basically, each ticket book had one fantastic ticket, a few good tickets, and on down the line. Let’s just say that a lot of people went home with some extra A tickets. (On that note, the tickets below come from several different years, and are not part of a single set.)

The coupon concept was phased out entirely by June of 1982, in favor of the current all-access-style pass.

Old-style Disneyland tickets: A adult admission – Good for choice of one (blue)

Main Street: Fire engine – Horse-drawn street cars – Horseless carriages – Main Street Cinema – Omnibus

Fantasyland: King Arthur Carrousel – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Disneyland tickets: A adult admission - Good for choice of one (blue)

Old Disneyland tickets: B coupon adult admission (25c – red)

Main Street: Main Street Cinema

Fantasyland: Alice in Wonderland, Casey Jr Circus Train, Motor Boat Cruise

Adventureland: Swiss Family Tree House

Disneyland tickets: B coupon adult admission (25c - red)

Vintage Disneyland tickets: C coupon adult admission (30c – yellow)

Main Street: Shooting Gallery

Tomorrowland: TWA Rocket to the Moon – Tomorrowland Autopia

Fantasyland: Mad Tea Party – Dumbo Flying elephant – Fantasyland Autopia

Frontierland: Shooting Gallery – Mike Fink Keel Boats – Indian War Canoes

Disneyland tickets: C coupon adult admission (30c - yellow)

Vintage Disneyland tickets: D adult admission (gold)

Main Street: Disneyland RR Trains thru Grand Canyon & Primeval World

Tomorrowland: American Sings – Trains – Peoplemover thru Superspeed Tunnel – Rocket Jets – Skyway to Fantasyland

Fantasyland: Skyway to Tomorrowland – Storybook Land Canal Boats

Frontierland: Mark Twain Steamboat – Rafts to Tom Sawyer’s Island – Sailing Ship Columbia

New Orleans Square: Disneyland trains

Bear Country: Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes

Disneyland tickets: D adult admission (gold)

Anyone for Yo-ho-ho? Disneyland's new Pirates of the Caribbean ride (1967)

Disneyland tickets: “E” adult admission (50c – green)

Main Street: SF & D RR trains thru Grand Canyon Diorama

Tomorrowland: Submarine voyage, Monorail, SF & D RR trains thru Grand Canyon Diorama

Fantasyland: Matterhorn Bobsleds

Frontierland: Mine Train & Pack Mules thru Nature’s Wonderland, SF & D RR trains thru Grand Canyon Diorama

Adventureland: Jungle Cruise

Disneyland tickets:

How Disneyland’s tickets worked

The A-B-C’s etc. of Disneyland ticket books

Disneyland Ticket Books are a most convenient way to enjoy the Magic Kingdom. Both the Big 10 and Deluxe 15 Ticket Books include admission to Disney- land and a selection of rides and attractions on an A, B, C, D and E ticket basis.

THE BIG 10 Ticket Book includes Admission to the Park and a selection of attractions as shown below:

1-A, 1-B, 2-Cs, 3-Ds, 3-Es

THE DELUXE 15 Ticket Book includes Admission to the Park and a selection of attractions as shown below

1-A, 2-Bs, 3-Cs, 4-Ds, 5-Es

If you have already purchased a General Admission ticket, you may buy the Big 10 or Deluxe 15 Ticket Book without the admission ticket at any Central Ticket Booth inside the Park. Without the special Main Gate admission, the Big 10 Ticket Book is $3, and the Deluxe 15 Ticket Book is $4.00 for adults. Refer to the area maps for locations.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Vintage 15 adventures in Disneyland vintage ticket book

Recipes from vintage Disneyland: Party pancakes in chocolate, strawberry & eggnog flavors (1956)

Guided tour information

The popular Guided Tour is especially recommended for “first time visitors.” Visitors are taken on an exciting tour of Disneyland by a charming Guide who tells the fascinating story of the Magic Kingdom’s history and growth. The Guided Tour includes admission to Disneyland and a selection of six of the Park’s popular attractions.

If you have already purchased a General Admission ticket, you may buy a Guided Tour ticket at the ticket booth adjacent to “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.” Tour tickets, minus Main Gate admission, are $3.50 for adults and $2.50 for children.

How to use Disneyland ticket books - Vintage guide to old ticketing system

A regular Disneyland ticket book (from 1967 or later)

Welcome to Disneyland USA

We hope that your visit with us today will be a happy and memorable experience for you and your family. This ticket book is your passport to many wonderful adventures in the Magic Kingdom. May your day at Disneyland be a pleasant one. Return and visit us again soon. – WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS

Vintage Disney ticket books

A Disneyland “Starlite” nighttime ticket book – only can be used after 6pm (from 1966 or earlier)

We hope that your visit with us tonight will be a happy and memorable experience for you. This ticket book is your passport to many wonderful adventures in the Magic Kingdom. May your “Starlite” at Disneyland be a pleasant one. Return and visit us again soon. – WALT DISNEY

Vintage Ticket books - Disneyland - night - starlite visit

Disneyland brochure for 1988: More than ever the happiest place

Vintage Disneyland ticket books: A – B – C (1956)

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Disney ticket books - ticket plan books from 1956

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  1. I have a Disneyland one day childs passport ticket with no date stamped on it ,my wife thinks she got it in the late 50’s . I can not find any record of this ticket, on the back it says good at main entrance, Disneyland hotel and monorail

  2. Just threw out one admission ticket and two ticket books that I won at a church holloween party, best costume, been dragging them around for decades all over the country till finally last year I threw them away, figured there useless and tossed them out.

    1. I am really surprised that you never had them framed? A Disney fanatic as myself would have paid you $75 for them. Richard

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