Shelves shine with shelf paper & edging (1950-1960)

How to be proud of your linen closet (1960)

(Royledge makes it easy!)

Wonderful how Royledge shelf paper keeps closets ready for your most critical audience! Wherever there’s a shelf or closet – kitchen, playroom, bedroom, hallway – Royledge all-in-one shelf and edging paper provides the perfect finishing touch. Cheerful patterns. Fresh decorator colors. Wipes clean with a cloth. In regular or Xtra Width. At variety, supermarket and department stores.


How to put glowing color magic in your kitchen (1950)

In minutes, for pennies — you can make your kitchen glow with magical reds, blues, yellows — simply by placing color-bright Royledge on all shelves. Only a penny a foot, new “Plasti-Chrome” Royledge is so simple and quick to use – simply place on shelf and fold down beautiful edge. See glorious new patterns now at 5 & 10’s, Supermarkets, Housefurnishing, Naborhood, Dept Stores.


“My kitchen is a Showplace!” (1950)

“I decorated for pennies and won compliments from everyone for my gorgeous kitchen. So easy – I placed glorious, color-bright ‘Plasti-Chrome’ Royledge on all shelves. New ‘Plasti-Chrome’ finish is brighter, stronger – the room sparkles with gay reds, yellows, blues!” See exquisite new Royledge designs now at 5 & 10’s, naborhood, hardware, dept stores.


Make your shelves sing… for a song! (1959)

Easy to use, inexpensive Royledge shelving adds sunshine to every shelf in your house… gives cupboards, closets a bright, sparkling look that lasts. Regular Royledge or X-tra Width (to fit way back on the shelf) in range of colors; designs. At variety, department stores, supermarkets, everywhere. Royal Lace Paper, Bklyn 1, NY.

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