How to decorate entrance halls (1958)

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How to decorate entrance halls

Speaking practically, an entrance hall is a traffic center. Decoratively speaking, it gives guests their first impression of your home.

Shown here and on the next two pages are six ways of decorating entrance halls with tile floors and sparkling colors to make them as practical underfoot as they are pleasing to the eye.

Checkerboard of vinyl-coated cork tiles in two shades to harmonize with pine paneling covers vestibule and foyer floors. Start at room’s exact center to lay tiles. Tangerine-colored wall adds warm accent to tiles, paneling and Early American punched tin cabinet.

Wide-board planking is re-created with 1/3″ x 3′ vinyl planks in limed oak and teak colors. Work out planking pattern for entire area on paper, start laying floor from center. To duplicate nail heads, punch peg holes from limed oak, refill with teak.

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Entrance halls

The most important feature about a tile floor is that you can lay it yourself. Other features are its availability in a wide range of decorator colors and in a variety of textures: solid color, gold-spattered, marbleized, cork and planking are shown here. Last, but certainly not least, tile floors are long-wearing and easy to maintain.

Bold “X” pattern of solid brown vinyl tiles cut into gold-spattered white covers floor of small foyer. Start center of “X” at center of foyer, lay out to ends, then fill in area with white and 4 brown tiles. To harmonize with floor, walls are painted mocha.

Open squares of marbleized rubber tile set color key for this entrance hall. Black and yellow squares of four tiles each are separated by white row one tile wide, with whole design contained in black tooth border. Yellow walls and white trim make normally dark area bright.

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Square within square in translucent marbleized and solid green vinyl tiles makes interesting design for large entry. Lay out perfect square to contain concentric square, fill out remaining regular or irregular area with border tiles. Number of tiles in each square is determined by floor size. Translucent vinyl screen, white walls, dark green upholstery, glass, marble and brass accents complete color scheme.

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