Look back at antique Gorham Sterling silver patterns & styles

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Antique Gorham silver

A luxury yesterday, a necessity today

The generation of people who locked up their silverware in cupboards and cabinets has given way to the generation which understands that silverware is made to use as well as to admire.

Antique Gorham silver designs from 1889 (7)

Antique Gorham silver set from 1889

At your jewelers, you will find new proof of the adage that the luxuries of yesterday are the necessities of today.

In your home, and your friends’ homes, are objects of silverware that fit into daily life and increase the comfort and pleasure of every member of the family.

Make additions to the silverware you already possess; buy more silverware for utility, as well as for ornament.

Gorham Sterling Silverware is sold by leading jewelers everywhere, and bears this trade-mark…

Antique Gorham silver designs from 1889 (4)

Antique Gorham silver designs from 1889 (6)

Antique Gorham silver designs from 1889 (1)

Antique Gorham silver designs from 1889 (2)

Antique Gorham silver designs from 1889 (3)

Beautiful antique Victorian Gorham silver accessories

The name Gorham is an accepted synonym for all that is beautiful in the art of the silversmith.

It has been truly said, “It is a matter or national pride that the stamp of an American house is acknowledged a sure guarantee of sterling purity.” That certainly means much, when all English silverware must have the government stamp, or hallmark, to insure the same.

Breakfast and Tea Tables

Breakfast and Tea Tables

Dinner and Dessert Tables

Dinner and Dessert Tables

Dinner and Dessert Tables (continued)

Chafing dishes and Furnishings

A large variety of patterns in sterling silver, Gorham plate, and copper, silver lined.

Chafing dishes and Furshings

Flat silverware for table use

Flat silverware for table use

Flat silverware for table use (continued)

Flat silverware for table use (continued)

The Gorham Company chests are made in a special department of their works, from seasoned mahogany, oak and other hard woods, and, like all their other productions, are of the highest standard attainable, and add value to the wares which they protect.

They can be supplied in any combination of forks, spoons and matched cutlery, with fancy pieces if desired, in lots of three dozen and upwards, which can be arranged in almost endless variety from the stock of the Gorham Company.

Compact cases are most convenient for keeping knives, forks and spoons in good form.

Chamois rolls are also convenient for “putting away” knives, forks and spoons.

Flat silverware for table use (continued 2)

Mounted Glassware

The glass being cut or engraved from especially prepared designs for the Gorham Company, all mounted in sterling silver in a wide range of style and price.

Mounted Glassware

Souvenir Spoons

Souvenir Spoons

Souvenir Spoons (continued)

Candelabra and Candlesticks

The beauty and variety of the Gorham Company’s productions as exemplified in this line can be best appreciated by an examination of their stock, which includes these goods in various styles of decorative treatment, to conform to the character of the room or the appointments of the table.

Candelabra and Candlesticks

Loving cups and Prizes

The silversmith has no more encouraging field for artistic endeavor than in the supplying of loving cups and prizes incident to the remarkable growth of interest in athletic competitions and out-of-door sports.

The wide popularity of golf in particular, and the multiplicity of competitive events and tournaments, has led to the making of an especially attractive assortment of cups and trophies carefully designed to please the votaries of the royal game.

The Gorham Company have, for some years past, contributed the best talent of their designers and craftsmen to the production of work of this class, until it has become an important branch of their manufacture, not only in the quantity and value of the work done, but in the highly artistic results achieved.

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But it is not alone for athletic prizes that this class of work is produced, as the occasions and anniversaries when gifts or testimonials of unique special pieces of silver are appropriate are of constant occurrence and cover almost every phase of human interest and sympathy.

Loving cups and Prizes

Loving cups and Prizes (continued)

The loving cup, typical of that good fellowship which exists between the members of a group of kindred spirits, is supposed to have had its origin with King Henry the Fifth of England, who, while riding in the forest, called at the door of an inn for a cup of wine, which the awkward barmaid handed to him by the single handle, thus forcing the king to take it with both hands, thereby soiling his gloves.

On his return home, determined to guard against the recurrence of such a mishap, he ordered a mug made with two handles and sent it to the inn with directions to reserve it for his use. What was his chagrin on the occasion of his next visit to see the same maid approaching, grasping in her hands the two handles of the cup, thus compelling the king to receive it in this awkward fashion.

He then ordered another mug to be made for him with three handles, which proved a successful solution of the problem.

Loving cups and Prizes (continued)

Loving cups and Prizes (continued)

While the love cup is a favorite form, the prizes and testimonials made by the Gorham Company are by no means confined to that style, but include tankards, vases, pitchers, punch bowls, waiters and other objects, in many of which most novel results have been secured through the use of ivory and stag horn in combination with the silver, and by the aid of vitrified enamels to produce oriental effects of color.

Those interested are invited to inspect the display of these special articles, at all times to be seen at the show rooms of the Gorham Company, who also solicit the opportunity to furnish special designs when required.

A large variety of patterns constantly in stock for immediate selection, and particular attention given to designing special cups and prizes for all occasions.

Loving cups and Prizes (continued 2)

Leather Goods

Leather Goods

Library and Writing Tables

Nothing made by the Gorham Company has proved more acceptable to those in search of tasteful objects for gifts than these articles for library and writing tables.

They are designed and constructed with a view to useful service, and whether in the boudoir of a lady, upon the desk of the banker or man of business, or on the library table of the literary or professional man, are not only always appreciated, but with recurring use and association become a constant reminder of the giver.

Ranging from articles of trifling cost to beautiful matched sets of considerable value. appropriate selections can be made for gifts of the most informal character or for more important occasions.

These goods are to be had in the brightly polished silver or the French gray finish recently introduced.

The glass used is the finest quality procurable, cut to the order of the Gorham Company from their own designs.

Library and Writing Tables

Smoker’s Articles

Smoker's Articles

Toilet articles

Toilet articles

Toilet articles (continued)

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