1950s toys at Woolworth’s: A wonderland of fun for kids back in the day

Woolworth's wonderland of toys from the 50s

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Woolworth’s wonderland of toys (1955)

Santa has just opened the doors of Woolworth’s wonderland of toys!

Woolworth's wonderland of toys - Vintage 1955 (2)

Realistic metal toys that really work —

It’s such fun to play with toys like these that do things! The tractor steers, lifts and dumps… the shovel-truck’s cab revolves… the fire engine’s ladders hook together or swivel. Seee then all, and put plenty on your list for joyous shouts Christmas morning.

Authentic model kits!

These scale models by Revel; are easy to assemble… no sanding or grinding. A wonderful hobby for son and dad… fun, educational!

A whole wonderland of toys…

from cuddly animals for the girls to “make believe” mechanical replicas for the boys! See the big selection today at Woolsworth’s… you can do all your your shopping in one trip.

Fun for everyone at Woolsworth’s!

A locomotive that’s big enough for a tot to ride… a doll thatwalks… gay Disney puppets and blocks… and much, much more! All these toys are terrific values… they’re all at Woolsworth’s and they’re all wonderful!

Woolworth's wonderland of toys - Vintage 1955 (1)

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Woolworth’s toys: Christmas Toyland (1956)

Go to Woolworth’s now… ask for free Christmas Gift and Toy catalog! Its 64 pages, illustrated in full color, are filed with exciting gift inspirations.

Featuring various toys like a box of 48 games (including Checkers, Bingo, Pick-up Sticks, Pachisi, Old Maid, Rummy, and many more!), Kadet Trainerifle, Chemistry set and microscope, double holster set, heavy duty trailer truck, “All Aboard!” Stream-lined electric freight trains, doll carriages, adorable dolls and doll clothes, Miss Flexie Doll and Trunk set, “Sleepy Pooch” toy dog, and more!

Woolworth vintage Christmas gifts from 1956

Woolworth Christmas gifts from 1956

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