No other trains like Lionel Trains: Worth being good for (1952)

Lionel Trains: Worth being good for

There’s nothing wrong if your by seems too good to be true this time of year. It could well mean he’s reached that Great Age of Boyhood… the Lionel Train age.

He’s full of a bright and shining team that’s alive with flashing action and the click of rails and the deep whistle of smoke-puffing engines. And that Lionel dream is worth being good for, too… For only LIONEL TRAINS match your boy’s dream… with real RR Knuckle Couplers, Die-Cast Trucks and Solid Steel Wheels plus realistic puffing smoke and built-in two-tone whistle. The World’s finest for over 50 years.

Lionel Trains: Worth being good for


In all the world… No other trains like Lionel Trains

They are by far the most famous trains — big or small — in all the world. For over 50 years, Lionel Trains have played a thrilling part in the lives of millions of boys and grown-ups. No other railroad, big or small, can equal that record. Gratify your boy’s natural desire for the realism, thrill and adventure of Lionel Trains.

Take him on a Christmas trip to a Lionel dealer. See the most realistic smoke-puffing locomotives, authentic Diesels. The only trains with real R.R. Knuckle Couplers, Die-Cast Trucks, Solid Steel Wheels and Built-in two-tone Whistle.

In every way — the world’s finest for over 50 years.

Cattle Car and Platform put son a complete act. Touch the remote-control button, and overhead doors open, loading ramp drops into place, cattle troop out! Operating Coal Loader picks up realistic artificial coal, carries it up by conveyor belt and dumps it in the waiting hopper car.

Here's a retro shampoo commercial so gosh darn wholesome, it's like a '50s cliche in a bottle

Lionel Trains: Worth being good for


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