Popular vintage board games from the 60s

Popular board games from the 60s for Christmas

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Popular Milton Bradley board games from 1960

Rack-O & Easy Money

Vintage board games of the 60s - Racko Easy Money

Candy Land & Chutes and Ladders

Vintage board games of the 60s - Preschoolers - Candyland - Chutes Ladders

Look back at Candy Land, the vintage board game that made millions of kids dream of an ice cream & lollipop world

Go to the Head of the Class & Park and Shop

Vintage board games of the 60s - Head Class - Park Shop

Pirate and Traveler & Game of the States

Vintage board games of the 60s - Pirate - Game of the States

Vintage board games of the 60s - Life

Uncle Wiggily game

Vintage board games of the 60s - Uncle Wiggly 1960

Uncle Wiggly & Friends book (1939 & 1955)

From Gameland – Milton Bradley Christmas Games to make the whole year merry! (1961)

One for every name on your gift list!

As a Christmas gift, a Milton Bradley game is the most: most fun, most excitement, most present for your money! So shop this page carefully. And pick out the right game — each one is age-identified — for every name on your gift list…

Nov 24, 1961 Milton Bradley board games

Vintage board games: Fun to give… and to receive! Famous Parker Games (1964)

Sorry – Parker Brothers Slide Pursuit Game

A really fine family game! Fun for adults, yet easily learned, with a balance of luck and skill that gives even the youngest a chance to win.

Board games from the 60s - Sorry

Risk – Continental Game

Dramatic contest for control of continents and the world, puts power against power as crises mount. Realistic as today’s headlines!

Board games from the 60s - Risk

Spill and Spell – Dice word game

Spill the 15 lettered cubes, create crosswords with the letters that come up. Unique scoring. Play alone or with a group. Hours of fun!

Board games from the 60s - Spill and Spell

Clue – Detective game

A thrilling game for the amateur private eye. Players try to uncover the who, where and how from clues to a challenging mystery.

Board games from the 60s - Clue 1964 version

Mille Bornes – French card game

From France, the first really new card game in ages! You wine mileage points, roadblock opponents in an exciting cross-country trip.

Board games from the 60s -Mille Bornes

Winnie-the-Pooh – Picture story game

Beloved A A Milne characters are moved on a picture story board. Kindergarten youngsters play by color; no reading, no counting!

Board games from the 60s - Winnie the Pooh

Monopoly – Real estate trading game

Buy, sell, trade, even bluff your way to a real estate empire! Everyone can be a millionaire, or go broke, in the world’s most popular game.

Board games from the 60s - Monopoly

Rook – Flinch – Pit – Popular card games

Three all-time favorite card games offering hours of party and family fun for children and grown-ups too. you’ll surely want all three.

Board games from the 60s - Rook - Flinch - Pit

Formula 1 car racing game

A lively racing game where driving skill pays off! Instrument panels show tire and brake wear, speed, laps to go. No two races alike!

Board games from the 60s - Formula 1 race cars

Vintage board games: Merry Christmas gifts of Parker Games make a Happy New Year (1961)

Monopoly: Parker Brothers Real Estate Trading Game
You make a million in real estate? Of course! Anyone can… playing the world’s most famous game! $4.00-$5.00

Sorry: Parker Brothers Slide Pursuit Game
You can chase the other players nearly all around the board and still win. Just one lucky slide ahead will do it. $3.00

Clue: Parker Brothers Detective Game
Be a private eye! Deduce what befell a wealthy man from the evidence you’ll uncover as you search his mansion. $3.50

Risk: Parker Brothers Continental Game
You’re a power in the world, pitting your strategy against others in dramatic moves spanning continents and oceans. $7.50

The beloved AA Milne characters and illustrated board make this a truly delightful game for very little folks. $2.00

Wide World: Parker Brothers Air Travel Game
You jet from continent to continent, combining tourist pleasures with business for the “points” you need to win. $3.00

“1863”: Parker Brothers Civil War Game
Now you can rewrite history! Editors of Life devised the game to Centennial tacticians could out-guess the generals. $4.00

Also makers of Careers – Rook – Kimbo – Flag Game – Camelot – Trade Winds – Pollyanna

Vintage board games of the 60s - Parker Bros from 1961

Famous Parker games – Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, Careers, Clue, Winnie-the-Pooh (1962)

Parker Bros vintage board games from the 60s - 1962

Probe – 1964

Games from the 1960s - Probe - 1964


Games from the 1960s - Stratego

The Match Game

Games from the 1960s - The Match Game


Games from the 1960s - Twixt

Flea Circus & Super Magnetel games

One thing about our games: if you play with your kids, you’ll probably lose.

In Flea Circus, it takes split-second timing and coordination to make tiny magnetic fleas perform daring circus tricks. In Super Magnetel®, it takes a steady hand to aim and shoot the magnetic discs in any of ten different games. (Our third new game is Sprint. It’s the game that brings the excitement of the drag strip to the game board.) These are all games of skill, action and fun. That’s why they can keep youngsters busy for hours.

1966 Flea Circus and Super Magnetel games

Disney’s Peter Pan game (1969)

Disney 1969 Peter Pan game from the '60s

Careers: Parker Brothers game of optional goals

Games from the 1960s - Careers

Kimbo: Parker Brothers Game of Fences

Games from the 1960s - Kimbo - 1960

Mary Poppins Carousel

Games from the 1960s - Mary Poppins Carousel

Live action plus animation are magic in Disney's classic movie, 'Mary Poppins'

Mille Bornes

Games from the 1960s - Mille Bornes


Games from the 1960s - Phlounder

Parker Brothers: Sorry game (1969)

If they’ve already got Monopoly… let them go chase each other! Sorry is a perennial favorite because it puts players of all ages on an equal footing. And it’s easy to learn. Special cards control the exciting chase, and unexpected moves build suspense till the last minute. Since both luck and skill are involved, even the young can win.

parker bros games dec 1969 1


If they’ve already got Monopoly… boggle their minds in 3 dimensions

People of all ages are quickly spellbound by Qubic, a fascinating 3-D tic-tac-toe game! Note the ingenious see-through plastic playing levels. Then imagine the challenge of lining up markers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while competing on all four levels at the same time!

parker bros games dec 1969 4

Risk game

There are new worlds to conquer

Risk is a big, lavish game with a handsome board and 450 playing pieces! It gives you delightful delusions of grandeur as you dream up strategies for capturing vast territories, hurl power against power, and make sweeping, dramatic moves. No wonder Risk can keep the whole family enthralled for hours!

parker bros games dec 1969 2

Spill & Spell

Crosswords can be a challenge

Spill and Spell is one of the few games you can play alone, with a partner, or with a group – anywhere, any time! You score points by making crosswords (the longer, the better) with the 15 lettered dice, before the timer runs out. It’s tough enough for the crossword puzzle buff, yet fun for youngsters too!

parker bros games dec 1969 3

Popular board games from the 60s for Christmas

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  1. Back either in the 50’s or 60’s our family played a game that I’ve been unable to find. The playing pieces were airplanes and they sat on a clear plastic board under which a roll would turn and various weather conditions such as storms would appear. Have you any idea what this game was called or how I could find it?

  2. Hello, Has anyone heard of a board game I believe was called Balcor or something like that from the 1960s? I had this game. I believe it was a monopoly type game buying hotels etc.

  3. I remember a board game that had a theme of a farm and vegetables (with faces) and maybe fruit too. I think it had a spinner with arrow you would ‘flick’ with a finger to give you moves.
    My sister and I played this in the early early 1960s.

  4. I am looking for the game that had plastic sticks to poke into a vertical “board” with holes. You had to get your “guy” to the bottom first.

  5. I am looking for the name of a game I played in either the late fifties or early sixties. There was a plastic game board that was three dimensional with mountains, trails and rivers, in the colors of a topographical map. (It may have been in the rough shape of America). You moved marbles along the trail (marked with depressions the marble would set in) according to dice (or a dial?) racing against your opponent. Some spots did not have a depression but had your marble slide down an incline to set you back.

  6. Growing up in the 70s, a favorite was the battlefield game Stratego, along with Battleship. I had a lot of games that were really complicated and therefore not that much fun to play — the simplest, most straightforward games were the favorites. My mother loved Uncle Wiggly, mainly because she remembered playing it when she was little.

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