St Paul’s street trolley: The Auto of the People (1904)

St Paul's street trolley: The Auto of the People (1904)

Cover of the St Paul Globe’s Magazine Section – Sunday, July 10, 1904

St Paul's street trolley: The Auto of the People (1904)

The People’s Automobile

With clang of gong and happy song, And laughter backward trailing,
The trolley fleet o’er city’s street And country road goes sailing.
Yo ho! Hurray! It speeds away, The Auto of the Masses!
The humblest hand in all the land May stop it as it passes.

No tires to pump, no bolts to thump, No monkey wrench to vex us.
No breaking down eight miles from town, No wicked nail that wrecks us.
Yo ho ! Hurray! Away, away! None dares to call you fickle,
For rich and poor you’re swift and sure, Dear Auto, for a Nickel!

Through country glades your lovely maids will soon be gaily speeding,
And not a maid will feel afraid of cows that “moo!” while feeding;
The horrid cow that braves her now will graze yon lofty steeple.
Clang, clang! Hurray! For naught can stay
The Auto of the People!

– Earle Hooker Eaton

St Paul's street trolley The Auto of the People (1904)

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