Kitchen decor: Cooking on a sunny island (1965)

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Cooking on a sunny island

The cook’s always on vacation in this gleaming California kitchen. Surrounded by gay tropical flowers, fiesta colors, and sandy-white stretches of counter space, she gets meals in a breeze on a cooking-top island of ashwood cabinets.

But the holiday aspect of this kitchen doesn’t end with the decor. Every inch of this small-scaled kitchen has been engineered for easy-does-it efficiency. Notice the well-defined and uncluttered work centers, easy-to-clean surfaces, generous storage cabinets, proper cooking-area ventilation, and bright, cheerful lighting.

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For the gourmet cook, there’s plenty of elbow room to dice, slice, shake, and stir. For everyday cooking, here’s a gay sunny place for the lady of the house to speed through her chores. Note the snack bar for the children or coffee-sipping neighbors.

Conveniently accessible to other rooms and the outdoors, the kitchen also incorporates a laundry area tucked behind folding doors and away from the food preparation center.

Look carefully — some of the design concepts in this kitchen may spark ideas to turn your own kitchen into an isle of joy through efficient planning and lively decorating.

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Kitchen decor: Cooking on a sunny island (1965)

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